LG LDF9932ST Fully Integrated Dishwasher (Stainless Steel)

You will definitely come away impressed after looking at one of the next-generation dishwashers from LG, the LDF9932ST. Under its minimalist frame lies one efficient and thorough dishwasher. It is not immediately apparent from the outside, but this model is overflowing with cutting-edge technology that will appeal to everyone.

Key features

- The unit has an understated and clean design that will fit your home environment.
- SignaLight LED indicators are included on the dishwasher to alert you of the operational status of the unit during use.
- The LDF9932ST has the trademarked DuraGlide upper rack for easy adjustment and accommodation of dishes/utensils of different sizes.
- The racks and basket inside the washer can be arranged in many ways, allowing for flexibility in positioning your dishes.
- With the LoDecibel technology from LG, you are assured of a quiet and stress-free operating cycle.
- This model has a 16 place-setting capacity to help you with your party needs.


Steam is the future of dishwashing and LG's LDF9932ST has the design and the engineering to handle your dishwashing requirements with ease. This particular model sports an elegant design that should match nicely with your other appliances and should complete your kitchen setup. Another advantage of using a steam dishwasher like this model is the fact that the high temperatures inside a steam washer will guarantee that your dishes are not only free from grime and food debris, but also from invisible microbes. This is a selling point which should be taken seriously, considering the rising frequency of new diseases/illnesses occurring everywhere. Another feature that's worth mentioning is the automated nature of this dishwasher. You simply have to place your dishes and utensils inside the unit after your meals. There is no special preparation required, compared to the traditional dishwasher. Possibly the best feature so far is the fact that this unit is impressively quiet. Conversations inside your living space occur without interruption. It's a remarkable appliance.


As much as the LG LDF9932ST has enormous storage space and a flexible rack system, there will be some unique kitchen items that you won't be able to fit inside it no matter how much you reposition the racks. And as with other steam-based washers, the effectiveness of the unit can be affected by factors such as the type of detergent used in cleaning your dishes. The most important thing though to consider is that steam washing is a relatively new technology for dishwashers. The fact that it's new, and the amount of technology included inside appliances like this, will make you guess about its long-term durability. This should be taken into consideration because, most likely, a damaged unit will require specialized service from an LG dealer or repair center. That's really one huge disadvantage to using electronic-driven products like this LG dishwasher.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Elegant design
- Steam washer: more effective in cleaning dishes and utensils
- Very quiet and relaxed operation
- The unit automatically makes adjustments to accommodate your dining ware
- High-temperature operation destroys harmful microbes
- Energy efficient


- Traditional dishwasher look, and with potentially untested technology within
- Will ultimately have its limitations in terms of interior space
- Has some flimsy plastic parts

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Jun 18, 2012
water quit flowing in
by: Anonymous

worked great until another EPA regulation required all detergents be re-formulated to remove phosphates. This was quietly passed and many consumers noticed that the dishes were not getting clean. I have the LG LDF9932ST and it is approx. 2 years old. I had a supply of the old detergent but once I used the new 'regulated' detergent dishes were not clean, but my dishwasher worked fine.

However, in the past 3 months my dishwasher quit pumping water in. It is not under warranty any longer…I am going to have to pull it out and try to fix it because repair people want too much money! Now I have a dishwasher that I finally started using for a storage cabinet! I should have spent more on my kitchen remodel and never installed a dishwasher!

Oh how I long for the day when companies made appliances to last @ least 5 years!
Today I got really pissed and decided to make a comment. I had a big Fathers day dinner and after washing all those dishes by hand makes me want to call LG and tell them……your products suck!

Apr 04, 2011
by: Jennifer Smith

I've never left a negative comment about anything however I felt compelled to this time. We've owned this dishwasher for 2 weeks and it did not get my dishes clean once. Returning it today for a Bosch.

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