by Oscar
(Dahlonega, GA, US)

I paid top dollar for this dishwasher at Home Depot and it was installed the day before yesterday. We turned it on with dishes last night for the first time. We had a partial load. The dishes were clean but some were not dry and neither were the utensils. The whole inside of the dishwasher was wet.

Turns out that this unit has no heating coil to heat the air and dry the dishes. It has something called a "hybrid" dryer. I guess this is how they achieve a high energy efficiency rating but I'm not amused. I'm used to dishes and utensil coming out both clean and dry and not having to do anything with them but put them away. What gives?

I am not happy with this dishwasher.I paid $649 for it and had I known it did not have a heating coil, I would not have bought it!!!

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