LG LSDF995ST Fully Integrated Steam Dishwasher with SignaLight LED Cycle Indicators (Stainless Steel)

A reliable dishwasher is one appliance that every home should have, particularly for busy professionals or home owners with big families. Both professional and stay-at-home parents should have an easier time after meals and snacks using a product like this. One particular model you should consider is LG's LSDF995ST. This dishwasher model is known for its energy efficiency, durable construction, and stylish design. With multiple options and cycles, the dishwasher can handle almost all types of dishes safely. Like other LG dishwashers, the LSDF995ST operates quietly in the background, without the disturbing vibrations and noise from the machine when working. It has the convenience features found in many modern dishwashers.

Key features

- This model has a contemporary stainless steel construction, elegantly designed to allow for years of reliable and rust-free operation.
- It has the trademark LoDecibel Quiet Operation technology from LG that ensures a more discreet operational cycle.
- This dishwasher also handles your expensive and delicate dishware, like crystal and china, effortlessly through its SteamDelicate cycle and LG's proprietary TrueSteam technology.
- The unit is Energy Star-certified, resulting in lower energy consumption, thus, lower electricity bills.


The main advantage of using a dishwasher like LG's LSDF995ST is automatic operation. You really don't have to worry about your dishes and utensils. Setting up the unit is quick and painless. Afterward, you can just let the appliance take care of cleaning and drying your dishes for you. It is also good to know that whether you use the cheapest plastic plates or the most expensive dining ware, LG's dishwasher can clean without damaging those items. This particular model, along with others in LG's advanced line, comes with TrueSteam technology. Your china collection won't mind being cleaned inside one of these dishwashers. Another benefit that most consumers would appreciate is energy efficiency. The LSDF995ST dishwasher is Energy Star-certified and is very efficient in its use of electricity.


There are, of course, a few disadvantages to using an electronically controlled appliance like this. The first concern – and some consumers have actually experienced this – is higher maintenance and repair costs. Since products like these have sensitive circuitry inside them, and the fact that they are always exposed to moisture, they are more prone to failure compared to the traditional manual dishwasher. Also while other dishwashers can easily be repaired by your neighborhood electrician or mechanic, the latest electronic dishwashers, at least most of the time, require service to be done through official dealers or service centers, thereby, increasing your expenses. Please take note, though, that it all depends on the usage conditions your dishwasher will be subjected to.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- easy to use (has predefined settings depending on what you need to clean)
- elegant and sturdy design (fits well inside your living space)
- stainless steel construction (has rust-proof body)
- flexible (can handle all types of dining items and materials)
- energy-efficient


- more expensive to purchase and to maintain
- more prone to damage compared to older designs and models
- sensitive to operating conditions
- requires expert service and repair (requires specialized technicians)

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