LG Model LDF 6920ST

by James
(Virginia Beach, VA)

I have had my dishwasher for almost a year and I would rate my model LG dishwasher as very good. I purchased this model with the idea to go green - No final heating cycle. You will need a dish towel if you need to use your dishes soon after washing. The wash cycle for normal wash is two hours.

Comparable models are the Bosch and Electrolux. We have a family of five which means we have a lot of dishes.

The Bosch turned out to be way too small. You can see this by just looking into the dishwasher.

The Electrolux looks great and is close to the same capacity of my LG, but it is far more pricey. The LG ends up being the loudest between the Bosch and Electrolux, but it is still quieter than my old dishwasher.

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