LG model LDS4821BB

by Patrick Joseph
(McKinney, TX USA)

The biggest piece of junk dishwasher ever. 3 service calls in 18 months. The last 2 for the same part, the motor, in a 6 month span.

LG refuses to replace this machine saying if they can repair it, they will repair it only.

LG has spent more money fixing this lemon than it cost new. Seems like a bad business plan to me. I will never buy an LG anything for the rest of my life, and I would advise others to do the same.

To top it off, this dishwasher sucked from the get go. It never cleaned the dishes worth a damn. Only good thing about it was that it was quiet. But I guess it would be quiet if it is not working right.

Patrick in McKinney, TX

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