LG Model LDS5811ST

by G

We replaced a dishwasher that lasted only 3 years (Kenmore). Now having had this LG from Home Depot for less than 3 years, the pump has gone and after delaying wash to night hours (as per gov't suggestion for "off peak" electrical use) we awoke to a kitchen floor (oak hardwood) running in water.

The basement fortunately unfinished was drenched as were the Persian carpet, the sub-floor and the beams below. Needless to say, VERY disturbing and damaging beyond the garbage quality of the LG, I'm hopeful our hardwood will not suffer long-term effects.

A hunt around the "net" shows many similar issues reported by others anywhere from 1 to 3 years into use (One site suggested the possibility of a class action suit).

Although I'll look into the cost of replacing the pump (or seals) it seems more likely we'll move on to purchase something cheap and just count on it going in a couple of years. Low end models can't function much worse or for shorter period than this (almost $800).

Additionally, the rack inside for cutlery is wearing terribly, the racks rub and scuff the stainless interior tub (not that interior appearance is visible to all but a sign of shoddy workmanship and fit).

My recommendation...RUN, don't walk to the exit and don't let anyone talk you into LG...!!!

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