Magic Chef DU4K Built-In Dishwasher

by Rebecca H
(Grand Rapids, MI)

We are renting our house and we have a Magic Chef DU4K black built-in Dishwasher. The house was built in 1993 so I am guessing that the dishwasher is from then. It definitely looks like it. It works enough to use, but I would not recommend buying one.

It has very few options: Super Scrub or Normal Wash (I do not feel there is really a difference) and Drying Heat or Heat Off. It says it is a Quiet Energy Saver, but compared to models nowadays it is loud and an energy hog. There is a turn knob to start the wash cycle and it has the option for Start and Short Wash.

The only locking mechanism is when you push it closed and you have to push a handle to open. There is no way to know if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or not, unless you open it and look at the dishes.

The cleaning is not to bad, but I have used other dishwashers that clean so much better. If there is any food residue on anything at all it ends up baked on the inside of any glass cup. Also, it has a hard time cleaning knives. If there is anything, except butter, on the knife then I will have to wipe it off before I start the dishwasher. It does a good job drying, but with certain plastics it will not dry all the way.

Every 3 months or so we have a problem with the dishwasher leaking during just one cycle. We still cannot figure out what is causing that, but it does not happen every time.

Overall, I would not recommend buying this for your own home. If we owned the house we would invest in a much quieter and better quality dishwasher.

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