Magic Chef - Temp Boost

by Kim

I am currently renting an apartment I have only been here for a few short months. I have to say I never paid a whole lot of attention to my old dishwasher in my last place, but I will definitely be more observant now. I currently have a Magic Chef Temp Boost dishwasher in my apartment.

I have never even heard of this brand before. This particular washer has to be older than I am. It does clean the dishes decently, but it fills with water and doesn't drain most of the time. It leaks about 75% of the times that I use it, and it is very loud. You can not have a conversation anywhere near the kitchen while it is running. I wash dishes at least once a day in it and i have to keep the mop handy everytime I run it.

I would never run it while i stepped out of the house because I would be afraid of it flooding. I don't know if it is installed incorrectly or just poor quality but when i pull out my bottom rack the whole thing tips forward. The only thing that keeps it from falling on my feet is that it is under a kitchen counter.If I planned on staying here very long I would absolutely invest in a better dishwasher.

I don't know if all Magic Chef products are this bad, but I will definitely steer clear of them in the future. I also would not recommend this brand to anyone as a first choice.

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Aug 11, 2017
Leaking NEW
by: Anonymous

Sounds like in addition to being old, the machine was installed incorrectly, it should be screwed the underside of the counter.

All machinery requires maintenance as well. The drains often become clogged with food particles so it can't drain and then water overflows and runs out the front seals. Check the on line troubleshooting guides !!

Oct 31, 2015
Magic Chef NEW

I think that all the disadvantages are due to age of your dishwasher. I think new model should be excellent!

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