Magic Chef/Model # DU80BA1

by Pam Goodwin
(Cleveland, TN USA)

This dishwasher was purchased from the Magic Chef Plant in Cleveland, TN (which is now Whirlpool). In 1986 when the dishwasher was purchased, Magic Chef offered their employees "dent & scratch" sales. My husband worked there and bought the dishwasher at one of the sales. The main reason for the purchase, "it was cheap".

The dishwasher is plain, no fancy washing cycle for fine china or crystal. No special way the water flows or air blows. It offers only regular or super scrub and the heat option (for drying) on or off. I always choose on for that so I don't have to hand dry anything.

We've had this dishwasher for 22 years and not once has it given us any problems, not even leaking. It gets the dishes clean but occasionally we may have to rewash a fork or spoon. I wash all the dishes, pot/pans and silverware together. I don't prewash the dishes or use Jet Dry for spotting.

Through a valuable lesson, I only use Cascade Dishwashing Liquid. Once I tried a little Dawn instead of Cascade (cause I ran out) well....I'm sure you know what happened!

Everybody says "why don't you get a new dishwasher"? My reply: "If it ain't broke, use it till it is, then try to fix it first"! If I have to purchase a new dishwasher it will be another plain one and comparable to a Magic Chef.

This dishwasher scores a 10+.

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