MAYTAG 24 Jetclean Plus MDC4809AWW White Portable Tall Tub Dishwasher

The Maytag MDC4809AWW is a portable tall tub dishwasher built for the toughest dishwashing jobs. If you are after energy efficiency, MDC4809AWW is Energy Star-qualified. It also has an oversize capacity and can accommodate 14 place settings, allowing you to save time, washing space, and effort. It also features JetClean II Wash System for even more reliable washing performance.

The 24” Maytag dishwashing unit is equipped with very useful and promising features and it also easy to use, allows for greater flexibility, and is very stylish.

Key features

- The Maytag MDC4809AWW is equipped with Twice the Life Motor, so your partner in dependable cleaning is built to last.
- Its portable design gives you more flexibility in your kitchen space. The model also comes in a clean white color that’s stylish and suits most types of kitchen.
- It has microprocessor controls with touch pads that are easy to use.
- It performs 4 different cycles and has a China/Light Cycle as well.
- It is equipped with High Temperature Wash Option and Heated Dry option
- The Precision Clean turbidity sensor provides every wash with satisfying results.


Maytag's MDC4809AWW is equipped with very helpful features that you might not find in its competitors. Many consumers commend its portability as it saves a lot of kitchen space, making it very ideal even for small kitchens. If you are very particular about sound, it’s good to know the Maytag MDC4809AWW has the Quiet Pack sound package, ensuring that the machine runs intensively without producing much sound.

MDC4809AWW is designed with a tall tub so you can load many dishes. It can accommodate 14 place settings. Some dishwashing units lack food disposer, but MDC4809AWW has a built-in 4 blade hard food disposer, which makes the machine even more convenient to use. And because it has Twice the Life Motor, you get the best value for your money as you are assured that the machine will last. On top of that, MDC4809AWW also has a water filtration and water heating system. MDC4809AWW has 4 cycles and can perform the Light/China Cycle, Normal Cycle, Heavy Duty Cycle, and Rinse Only Cycle.

Aside from being functional, this dishwasher model is also stylish and comes with vinyl-coated racks and white color.


Some consumers still claim that the Maytag MDC4809AWW dishwasher is not really quiet. In addition, there are also complaints that MDC4809AWW still has problems with heavy duty cleaning. For some, there is still a need to pre-wash the dishes. There are also those who are not satisfied because it does take about two hours to run on a normal cycle.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- suitable for use in small kitchens
- visually appealing
- can handle tough cleaning jobs
- machine runs quietly
- has one-piece removable silverware basket
- easy to use
- lasts longer with Twice the Life Motor


- still can’t handle heavy duty cleaning
- no child lock
- upper rack not adjustable
- no Delay Start features
- non-stainless steel interior
- no quick wash setting

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