Maytag 400 quiet series Dishwasher

by Jenn
(Western KY)

I bought this dishwasher at Sears on clearance. It was the last one, the floor model. I have had it about 3 years. I bought it because it was marked down to $119.00. It has worked fine since day one, until now.

The door came off the hinge peg, which I fixed myself. The latch wasn't lined up, I fixed that myself by working with the door. I have never had soap dispenser issues or a control panel out. I have had cruddy dishes and it seemed to be the dollar store tablets I ran in it. I switched to Dollar General powder and the problem is solved.

But tonight.......I hit start and it filled with water. Now the display is dead. I am mortified after reading these comments but am going to tinker with it some before I freak out. I realize the reviews are all bad on this site, but this is one appliance I would remove and take with me when I moved.

I like the adjustable rack on top and the fold down racks in both levels. I had an el-cheapo Frigidaire from Lowe's I paid 188 for and it died after a couple years. I replaced it with this one. With a couple bumps in the road I have loved this dishwasher.

Hope to post later if the control panel is indeed what is wrong.

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