Maytag MDB4651AWS
Budget Dishwasher Review

Maytag is the definitive name in home appliances and it brings to its faithful, budget conscious consumers a dishwasher that is inexpensive to purchase and install as well as functions as more expensive models.

Maytag MDB4651AWS Plus Points

The “budget” dishwasher is an incredibly reliable machine and comes with a built-in tall tub for an oversized capacity. The industry’s best filtration system, Micro-Fine Plus, which is typically used in your more expensive stainless steal drum models is within this unit. What this ingenious filtering system does is capture debris and particles as small as coffee grounds. Having this filter system prevents the need to prewash. Also found in this budget unit are full vinyl-clad racks, upper rack that is removable and a removable basket.

This Maytag unit brings us a wonderful set of features to their Budget Dishwasher including the JetClean II System, a powerful 1/3 Horse Power Motor and is even Energy Star Qualified which means that it saves you money on your electric bill and is incredibly efficient. If you are style minded then you won’t be disappointed because this budget dishwasher comes in several color options including the basic white and classy stainless steel to classic black and unique bisque.

Maytag MDB4651AWS Minus Points

Unfortunately, with all of its positive features, the budget dishwasher, being a full panel unit, and along the lines of affordable, you do need to be wary about certain things failing over time. Typically, within a year or so, the panel can wear out and fail as will many lower cost touch enabled systems. If you were proactive and purchased the extended guarantee then the panel would be covered and you will not incur any out of pocket expense.

The budget dishwasher also has had some issues with the circuits within the unit. Sudden power shut offs can damage the circuits which will render the unit burnt out. Many electronic devices suffer this same fate. There is an easy solution: surge protector. Invest in a decent sized surge protector and plug your unit into it. This will eliminate the majority of sudden electrical surges that cause irreparable damage.

You must take great care of your budget dishwasher. Even though it does not require you to prewash it is always a good idea to rinse of larger particles of food. Not doing so makes the unit work a little harder or cause you to run more than one cycle to get the load clean. This, of course, adds wear and tear to the unit.

What comes out of the budget dishwasher depends on what you put in. your detergent is important to the life of your unit so do not go using liquids anymore or powders that can destroy newer machines. Gel filled packets are the best choice for any new washer.

If you are looking for a washing machine and you are on a budget then the Maytag Budget Dishwasher at under $400.00 is a surefire steal. The features found on this unit are usually only found on more costly dishwashers.

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