maytag dishwasher MDB6759AWW

This is the worst dishwasher I have ever owned and here is my story. This machine is lyr 4 mo. old. It has never fully cleaned or dried my dishes and on top of that, Maytag advised me to immediately disconnect it because the heating element could cause a fire. They replaced the heating element and then a month or so later, it just quit.

I contacted the dealer as I had a 2 yr parts and labor warranty from them. They determined the problem was with the electronics and would require replacement. I told them I did not want to repair this lemon, I wanted to replace it. I went on the internet and the electronic unit would cost $l64.

With the dealer's help I contacted Maytag direct to see if they would give me a $200 credit on a replacement dishwasher, for the above reasons. This seemed to be a reasonable request as the unit was only 1yr 4mo. old. The original contact refused. I told her this unit was also leaking and she told me I should have purchased a leak insurance from them. Certainly not the answer I was looking for.

I requested to talk to a supervisor and she told me it would do no good as they would give me the same answer. I did anyway. The supervisor called and I made the same request and she would not budge, only repair, no trade it. I asked for a management phone number to go higher and she would not give me one. Needless to say, Maytags customer relations, along with a long time purchase of their products was destroyed with this silly refusal.

With the dealer's help, I immediately purchased a Bosch dishwasher and look for my first clean dishes in quite a while. My rating Maytag Customer relations OO, Maytag quality OO

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