maytag dishwasher model #MDB7749AWB

by Debra Kelly
(Springfield, Oregon, us)

At Home Depot, I paid $581.17 (sale price) for the above mentioned dishwasher. It washed the dishes well, but after only two and a half years, it wouldn't turn on. The representative at Maytag was very rude and refused to help other than to tell us the "panel" probably needed to be replaced and the cost for it is $300.00. This would not include the installation fee.

There are only three of us in the family. I think we only used the dishwasher maybe two times a week and IT LASTED ONLY TWO AND A HALF YEARS???!!!

If Maytag had at least been apologetic, it would have helped. Rude customer service in addition to a bad product means I will NEVER buy anything Maytag again.

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