Maytag Jetclean Dishwasher
MDB5601AW Review

When it comes to dishwashers, there are so many out there to choose from that it can be dizzying.

There are lots of reviews out there, but many of them are vague, or do not outline exactly what a customer likes and dislikes about their particular model.

Today I am going to take an in-depth look at the Maytag Jetclean II, and will outline all of its features, as well as what the majority of customers seem to both like and dislike about the model, so that I can help you determine if this might be the dishwasher you are looking for.

The model number of the dishwasher we are examining is MDB5601AW. It is manufactured by Maytag, who is widely known to be a maker of top of the line appliances. Does the Jetclean II live up to it’s name? Let’s take a look.

Jetclean II Key Features

If you like a dishwasher with a lot of extra features, then this model might be right up your alley. With a whopping nineteen special features, this dishwasher is loaded with extras.

Some of them, such as the Energy Star ranking are relatively common among newer models, but there are some pretty interesting features as well. This dishwasher has the ToughScrub option.

Unbeatable for removing dried on foods, the ToughScrub eliminates the need to pre-rinse, even when the dishwasher is fully loaded. It also has a hard food disposer, which will keep the food removed from your dishes from attaching itself to other dishes after it is removed. It has a good filtration system, and is extremely quiet when running.

The racks are made of Nylon DuraGuard and the tracks are made of stainless steel. With four wash cycles and a sanitizing option, this dishwasher is built to be the king of clean.

There’s even room to wash nineteen place settings at one time. Let’s see what the general consensus is from other customers.

Jetclean II Customer Opinions

There seems to be quite a mixed bag on reviews of this product. It has gotten a great deal of both positive and negative reviews, as well as some mixed reviews.

The people who liked it really seemed to love it. The capacity and ability to effectively clean even very tall items are highly popular, and customers really have taken notice of how quiet this machine is.

Many people can not think of negative things to say about their machine, as it has worked perfectly for them. As with any product, that is not always the case.

The biggest problem cited with this model isn’t so much the dishwasher as the company itself.

A lot of people have experienced what turned out to be minor problems with the machine, but had to deal with major problems from the Maytag customer service branch.

A lot of customers found that Maytag was hesitant to repair or replace their machines, and in some instances, replacement parts were put of indefinite backorder. It certainly isn’t the image one gets when they think of Maytag.

The only two specific problems that have been noted with this model are that the silverware tray did not last as long as it should have for one user, and another found that the Nylon DuraGuard coating wore away on the tray in a couple of spots, which led to some very premature rusting.

One of the two people with these problems recommended the dishwasher anyway, saying that this one problem did not override how good the value was for the price.

Reviews are something that should always be read and considered when looking for a new product.

With this dishwasher, it seems the biggest problem to look out for is Maytag’s customer service, should you find that you need to call them.

The dishwasher still has a great number of features, and a number of people that enjoy them. Keep all the things you have read in mind, and always do some research before making a major purchase.

With this and any other product, however, it is wise to keep in mind that while people are certainly reminded to complain and alert people when something goes wrong, when people have a product that acts exactly as it should, they may not be reminded to log in to websites to say as much.

Beware a lot of complaints about a specific problem, it could mean trouble if you purchase that item, but with product reviews, the less you can find, the safer you can feel.

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