Maytag Jetclean II

by Peter

I purchased the Maytag Jetclean II about 5 years ago because of the 3 rack system. It performed very well for about 2 years, then the latch broke. Simple repair I could do myself.

No big deal. Then six months later the filter screen at the bottom began to tear and food particles clogged the wash arms. Again, simple repair I could do myself. The plastic tub has simple snap together parts that are easy to work on. Every few months thereafter, I need to check the wash arms to make sure they aren't clogged.

Food somehow keeps getting into them and blocks the jets. Fast forward to year 5. The top wash arm and top rack wash arm stopped working. I've taken it apart enough times that the plastic snaps no longer hold the main water channel together.

The simple snap assembly is turning out to be a cheap and unreliable assembly method. I've removed the top rack completely to limp along until we can purchase a new washer.

The good news: since it had 3 racks, i'm only down to 2. The bad news: 5 years sure seems like a short life for a dishwaser. Oh, and the latch just broke again.

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Dec 31, 2010
zero star rating
by: Anonymous

We bought this dishwasher in 2006, 4 years later we had to replace it. The racks broke within the first year, the door handle broke after 3 years and the control panel died on the fourth. I would not recommend this dishwasher at all. Hopefully the new Whirlpool d\w we just purchased fairs better.

Apr 08, 2010
major problems
by: Anonymous

Unreliable- we bought 4 Maytag appliances, and 3 have had major problems within 3-5 years. Top-of-the-line clothes washer had $350 repair. $800 oven had burner short out, and now Jetclean II dishwasher has alzheimers. Every time the machine finishes a load, it starts again, and dishes no longer get clean. I refuse to give 1 more dollar to Maytag, and will buy Bosch Dishwasher, which uses half the water per load, and you can put plastic on the bottom rack (and it is twice as quiet).

May 07, 2009
Did not wash very well
by: Sharon

I am ready to replace my 6 year old dishwasher. We have had the door and the computer board replaced with our extended warranty. It did not wash very well as we had food particles left on the dishes if we did not prewash. It died again, and I will not purchase another Maytag dishwasher.

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