Maytag Jetclean plus MDB4629AWS Dishwasher

Maytag Jetclean plus MDB4629AWS DishwasherMaytag's MDB4629AWS is a built-in dishwasher with heated drying functions. This dishwasher model is also powered by the JetClean® Plus wash system, a feature that helps ensure intense but proper cleaning.

This technology makes the MDB4629AWS a powerful dishwasher with jets that emit water at very high pressures.

Thanks to the steel food chopper and filtration system. The MDB4629AWS is able to provide deep cleansing even when dishes have not been pre-rinsed. The dishwasher itself breaks down the food particles left on utensils into insignificant pieces.

Considering all these features, this Maytag dishwasher model is priced from more than $300 to way over $400 depending on the seller.

Inspecting the features and built

The Maytag MDB4629AWS has different types of washes just as washing machines have different types of cycles based on pressure.

This dishwasher model has normal cycles, InstaWash cycle, and Heavy Wash cycle. It also uses touch pads as controls, which sport a modern look, and also has control lockout for safety. The dishwasher’s body is made of vinyl and plastic, with a stainless steel finish.

The MDB4629AWS is also energy efficient. Not only is it modern and powerful but it's also very practical because of its energy-saving features.

The kitchen appliance offers a rinse aid dispenser, ten place settings, 2-4-6 hour delay start option, and quiet pack sound package.

The dishwasher model’s advantages

Fair pricing

One of the obvious advantages offered by the Maytag MDB4629AWS is its energy efficiency, which helps consumers save on their electricity bills.

The price itself is also quite affordable given its list of features and compared to some offerings from Maytag that are priced at $600 or more. However, there are also other Maytag models that go for around $200, and some consumers may find it expensive for their limited budget.

This is only relative to cheap models. In the world of dishwashers in general, the Maytag MDB4629AWS is pretty affordable, since there are other dishwashers that are more than twice as expensive.

The pricing of model MDB4629AWS is also justifiable because of its vast modern features and functions.

Fast performance

The MDB4629AWS dishwasher is also recommended for people who do not have a lot of time in their hands.

While dishwashers in general make it easier for busy people to clean out their dishes, the MDB4629AWS further breaks down the washing time, since there is no need to perform a pre-rinse.

While it is still advisable to scrape off excess food before putting plates and other utensils into the dishwasher, not being able to remove every bit is not a problem with this Maytag dishwasher model.

Intense cleaning

Maytag dishwashers with the JetClean feature are well known for their intense cleaning capability.

If there is a need to have plates, glasses, and utensils go from grimy to sparkling clean, you can trust the Maytag MDB4629AWS. Human hands can only accomplish such a feat if they are scrubbing the dishes for hours on end.

More than the adequate features

The Maytag MDB4629AWS is a powerful dishwasher. With strong water pressure and food choppers, it ensures the cleanliness of your dishes. There are safety features such as a child lockout feature and several modes. Being built-in also makes it quieter than compact dishwashers.

Energy efficiency

With an Energy Star certification, the Maytag MDB4629AWS model is practical and energy efficient. Consumers do not have to worry about racking up high electricity bills because of the dishwasher.

Disadvantages of the MDB4629AWS

Installation hassle

Because the Maytag MDB4629AWS is a built-in dishwasher, there is a need to have it installed. If the model is not compatible to the size of a room, the consumer can either forget about the model or have the room go through extensive renovations.

Whoever wants to use a built-in dishwasher should have considered this during the planning of their home. If this were not the case, the Maytag MDB4629AWS may not be able to fit into an area where it should be installed. Ideally, the dishwasher should be installed near a source of water.

Not for the budget conscious

While the price is affordable enough, there are some modern dishwashers that cost much less than the Maytag MDB4629AWS model. Fair or not, a consumer is bound to grumble. This disadvantage, however, is not that serious as some dishwashers can cost over a thousand dollars.

Dull color choices

The model is currently available in gray (stainless steel) with black. While these colors are typical for home appliances, other modern appliances are going for vivid colors that match the room.

Pros and cons of the model

While consumers have a lot to say about the product’s advantages and disadvantages over other models, there are definitive pros and cons associated with this Maytag dishwasher model. Here are some of them:

- Energy Star certification
- modern features
- effective cleaning system
- fast cleaning action
- quiet pack sound package

- limited design options
- quite expensive for some consumers
- hassle in installation (common among built-ins)

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