MAYTAG Jetclean Plus MDB6709AWW Full Console Dishwasher

Those who are looking for the traditional Maytag durability will not go wrong with the MDB6709AWW dishwasher model, which is a sturdy unit that comes in a simple design. With its compact frame, you can easily fit the dishwasher in any room in the house. However, do not be fooled by its small size. The Maytag MDB6709AWW can wash up to 14 settings with ease using the various wash cycles that include light, heavy, and normal.

Key features

- MDB6709AWW comes with the Duraguard Nylon Coated Racks that protect expensive crystal and china from scratches while protecting the racks from rusting.
- The Energy Star seal allows you to save on power and water by using the right amount of power for the load of dishes.
- The unit also comes with the Twice the Life Motor, which allows you to get the most out of your dishwasher, as it lasts longer than others.
- It comes with the JetClean Wash System and the ToughScrub Plus option, as well as the Auto Clean Plus Cycle.
- Other features include the Oversize Capacity Plus Tall Tub, Split & Fit Silverware Basket, and 14 place setting capacity, which allows you to load more dishes in one washing cycle.
- The NSF-certified sanitize option is useful for keeping your dishes germ-free.
- You will also enjoy the QuietSeries Sound Package, which makes sure that the unit does not produce too much sound when it is running. This feature is especially useful for those who like to save money by running the dishwasher at night.
- The Precision Clean Turbidity Sensor ensures that the dishes are cleaned efficiently and makes sure that no food particles are left on the dishes.
- Removal of tough stains is not a problem with the ToughScrub Plus option. Microprocessor controls with touchpads allow you to set the controls easily with a push of a button. The controls are set stylishly on the front panel to go along with the stylish design.


One of the main advantages of this unit is that it saves a lot of energy and water. It is less expensive compared to other models. The QuietSeries Sound Package really delivers when it comes to lowering the level of noise while the unit is running. Another favorite feature is the NSF-certified sanitize option, which leaves plates and other dishes clean and free of germs, making this perfect for washing baby milk bottles.


One of the most common complaints is the plastic tub interior, which does not deliver the same kind of durability as a stainless steel tub. Another common complaint is the limited color option and the single design. Some consumers often look for dishwashers that come in classic black or silver or a color that fits the theme of the room. The unit comes in white.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- not very expensive compared to units with the same features
- energy-efficient
- silent operation
- NSF-certified sanitize option perfect for those who have babies and small children who need their eating utensils cleaned free of bacteria and germs


- plastic tub
- limited color and design

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Mar 13, 2014
by: Dave

3 yrs and our second control panel is now kaput. The first one was $125, the second one is $160 - not including labor. We are done with Maytag.

Dec 22, 2013
Control Panel Money Pit
by: Dave

The dishwasher wouldn't rate this low if I didn't have to replace 2 control panels in 3 years. These are not cheap parts either. The first one I paid over 70 dollars.

The one I just ordered (12-22-13) was $140.45 with tax and shipping. Already over 200 dollars into this machine not counting the price. Did I mention the machine is only three and half years old?

Why doesn't anything last anymore? Please, someone build a product that will work right and last more than five years. Like back in the 40's, 50's, etc.

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