Maytag Jetclean Plus Stainless Steel Dishwasher - MDB7759AWS

From one of the best names in dishwashers come the MDB7759AWS model, which is a fully integrated dishwasher that sports a number of features for thorough cleaning. It is Energy Star-qualified and is capable of removing bacteria and germs from dishes. Maytag's MDB7759AWS comes with the basic features such as the standard number of wash cycles complimented by other sophisticated features such as the high heat steam system and high water temperature for the effective removal of germs. This dishwasher model is also perfect for washing large loads of dishes on a daily basis with its ultra capacity.

Key features

- The SteamClean option gets the tough stains out along with a majority of germs and bacteria for a thorough clean.
- The unit uses a high heat steam system and high water temperature to remove bacteria and to remove spots from the glassware.
- Its Energy Star qualification means that you get a lot of savings from this unit, both in power and water.
- MDB7759AWS comes with the Twice the Life Motor, which keeps your machine for twice the lifespan of other machines.
- The unit comes with a JetClean Plus Wash System to make sure that the machine cleans more effectively with the use of high pressure jet sprays to remove tough food particles.
- Never worry about clogged drains with the stainless steel food choppper, which chops food particles to small bits so they will not clog your tubes.
- The QuietSeries 400 Sound Package reduces the level of noise when the machine is running.
- The oversize capacity tub allows you to wash more loads in one cycle. It also allows you to clean larger items such as cookie sheets.
- The unit comes with premium dark Duraguard Nylon Racks that help protect expensive china from scratches while protecting the racks from rust.
- The Split & Fit Silverware Basket allows you to fit in any type of silverware.
- The 14 place setting capacity allows you to clean up more in one load.
- The unit comes with the heated dry option, which uses heat so that the dishes are cleaned and dried right away. You can always save by air drying your dishes without added heat.
- There are multiple wash cycles for you to choose from, ranging from light, normal to heavy.
- Have clean dishes on your most convenient time with the delay feature, which allows you to delay the start times for washing by 2, 4, or 6 hours.


One of the main advantages of the Maytag MDB7759AWS is that it is extremely durable. The durable motor allows you to use the machine for longer compared to other brands. The easy-to-use controls are stylishly tucked behind the panel for a smooth and modern look.


Some users complain about the difficulty when removing the upper tier racks. The touch pads also tend to break down after several months of use. Some also say that it takes longer when using the drying feature.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- stylish design
- compact design makes it perfect for small spaces
- cleans fast
- durable
- oversize capacity good for large loads of dishes


- some features, like the touch pads break down easily
- only comes in one color
- takes longer when using the drying feature

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Aug 23, 2014
Cleans well BUT.....
by: Maytag Owner

This dishwasher cleans dishes excellent. I have model MDB 7749AWW2. We have owned this dishwasher for 6 years. The control board has just failed for the second time. Part runs $150. This was after replacing the door latch for $30. Factor this in when looking at the cost. It does clean the dishes exceptionally well.

Sep 16, 2012
Buy Anything Else
by: Anonymous

Just remodeled our kitchen & made the mistake thinking this was going to be a good investment. The old dishwasher we took out was easier to load, got the dishes a whole lot cleaner, didn't have to run as long to do it & didn't make near the constant annoying noise this one does.

We tried to take it back after the first week of being installed, but they wouldn't take it back because we took it out of the box (duh). They couldn't fix the stupid wheels falling off the lower basket either.

Apr 19, 2012
Bottom Rack Falls off everytime
by: Very disappointed

We are very disappointed that the bottom rack does not stay on the track. We called Sears complaining that they need to take it back. They agreed. However, we would be stuck with installing a new one. We do not see ourselves buying another Maytag or dealing with Sears unless this is resolved. We refuse to pay for installation since they sold us a defective product. It is unfortunate that today's major appliances are not made with quality as was years ago. In the meantime, Sears will be having Maytag manufacture a custom rack (whatever that means) Good luck if you buy a Maytag and deal with Sears..

Apr 03, 2012
My Dishwasher Smells
by: Anonymous

The unit cleans well, although the cycle is a lot longer. It is smaller inside. Not too loud, but not the quietest either. My main complaint is that when the unit is running it give off the worst smell like plastic is melting. It comes from the vent at the top of the door. We literally have to leave the room because it makes everyone feel ill.

May 31, 2011
by: Angry Owner

Seriously- the first three times we used it, the soap 'door' never opened and then on the fifth wash; water started spraying out of the left side seal- ALL OVER MY FLOOR! Thank goodness, I happened to be standing there and started to feel water spray all over my feet. Bought it from Home Depot and as I type this I have been on hold for over 12 minutes. TOTAL CRAP, plus this was NOT an inexpensive model.

Mar 30, 2011
awful products and causes fire
by: disappointed Matag user

I am so disappointed with Maytag. Our dishwasher caught on fire and they would not have a person check it out. I had to get my own tech so I just replaced it for I know their control boards on their oven has caught on fire and I do not want to take a chance again with their products. As for the washer the soap drips down the inside of the machine, it is load and the racks are not user friendly. Avoid it like the plague!!

Feb 22, 2011
Unable to Install
by: Anonymous

Rough-in space heighth states 34"in the manual and I have 34 1/2 "clear space, but it doesn't fit the space because of the internal parts. We cannot drop it low enough to be able to access the controls without the internal parts, motor etc. sitting on the floor. There is just no room for it all under the machine while allowing enough room for controls use. I don't know what we are going to do now, I will have to contact where we bought it and see what can be done.
I am very discouraged and disappointed!

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