Maytag JetClean Series MDB3700AWE

by B.Smith

We purchased this dishwasher two years ago after buying a house without a dishwasher. While the kitchen space was tight in our new house, and I didn't want to lose any cabinet space, I definitely could not survive a week without a dishwasher. I'm certain my grandmother could have not only pounded her clothing clean on a rock in the river while tending a two year old and handwashing her dishes, but I certainly can not.

To be honest, my grandmother DID have a dishwasher, but she felt the need to prewash and post sanitize everything that came out of it. I'm not willing to do that either, but I definitely need clean dishes. Our primary motivation when searching for a dishwasher was one that would fit in the limited space available in which to install it.

Prior to this dishwasher we had a portable machine in our previous house. We've been very happy with the Maytag. It has four wash cycles and timer controls. You can adjust the settings for dirtier dishes and lighter loads. It has settings for heat, no/heat or even temperature boost if you really need to sanitize the dishes. It definitely cleans the dishes adequately and it isn't excessively noisy. I like the fact that it's easy to use, but still not so complicated that I have to drag a manual out in order to figure out how to use the dishwasher.

It's certainly simple enough that even my nine year old is capable of loading, unloading and washing dishes in it, provided he's reminded at least 10,000 times in one day. The dishes do exit the wash cycle clean, and nobody in this family is particularly diligent about scraping food particles prior to washing in the machine. The dishwasher is white, inoffensive, and blends nicely with my inoffensive kitchen.

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