The Maytag Jetclean III
Is It The Dishwasher For You?

With such a large variety of dishwashers out there, it can be hard to determine which one is the best quality for the best price.

The Maytag Jetclean III, Is It The Dishwasher For You?

In this article, I will examine the Maytag Jetclean III series dishwasher, specifically model MDB9750BWB, taking care to point out its features and what customers have both liked and disliked about this model.

With the manufacturer listing twenty-two features on this model, it certainly sounds like it is top of the line. This particular model has three racks, including the FlexLoad third rack.

It is Energy Star qualified, which means savings on electric costs. It has a high-pressure wash system and a hard food disposer, which prevents loose food from getting stuck to your other dishes.

It has a countdown timer so that you know how long it has left to complete a cycle, and is whisper quiet when running. There are a number of excellent features on this machine. Now let’s see what the consensus is among people who have purchased this model.

I have found that there are very few reviews of this model available on the internet. What few reviews I have found have actually been surprisingly negative.

Customers have found that the collapsible third rack is a little too collapsible, with a number of people complaining that it folds in unexpectedly when it is filled with dishes, sending the dishes falling onto the second rack.

All people who posted reviews agreed that it just did not get their dishes clean. One reviewer had to replace, in the span of four years: the control panel, the door latch, the food chopper, and dish tine latches, as well as complaining about the constant need to dismantle the spray bars because they have a tendency to become plugged frequently.

All of the customers have said that they have to pre-wash their dishes, and in the end, have to wash many of them again even after the dishwasher has cleaned them for periods of up to two hours.

As with other Maytag reviews I have conducted lately, there is also a general consensus that Maytag’s customer service is difficult to work with, and they are hesitant to repair or replace damaged or faulty products.

With all of the negative feedback, it must be noted that, typically, when a customer is satisfied with a product, they don’t tend to think to hop online and post a review, whereas when a customer feels they have been wronged by a company, they make sure to let others know.

I am certain that there are a number of customers who own this dishwasher that are quite satisfied with it. With all products, though, it is important to weigh the good and the bad before making a decision.

Are the problems people are having with this dishwasher enough to convince you to buy a different model?

That is up to you. I definitely recommend, as before all purchases, that you look in to a number of models before selecting one that is right for you.

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