Maytag LWC202

by Andy A.
(Sterling Heights, Michigan)

I consider myself fortunate that I am the proud owner of a Maytag Dishwasher, Model LWC202! I purchased this dishwasher from ABC Appliance store here in Michigan. My husband and I purchased this dishwasher back in the late 1980's and have had it ever since. That is over a whopping twenty years that we have owned it and it still works perfectly today!

The reason for our purchase is because the motor is up front in this Maytag model and is easily accessible in case it would need replacement of parts, or repair. After having a Kenmore dishwasher for over ten years, we got tired of it leaking and taking it apart to repair it. We therefore decided to purchase something that could repaired by my husband and would not require taking the whole thing apart to get to the area that needs work.

When we originally purchased the Maytag LCW202, it was a portable dishwasher that could be rolled around in the room and had to be manually hooked up to the sink. We purchased a portable dishwasher because we knew that we would be remodeling our kitchen and we were not sure where exactly we were going to place it in our kitchen. So in the interim, we used the Maytag portable dishwasher until we finished designing our new kitchen. When our new kitchen was done, instead of purchasing a new dishwasher, we converted this portable one and permanently installed it under the kitchen counter. It was easily transferable, by quickly removing the wheels on the bottom and changing the hosing to permanent piping underneath the counter, which was a snap.

After having this dishwasher for over twenty years, it is looks outdated in relationship to our other appliances and we are reluctant to purchase a new one. It has never given us any trouble and runs perfectly to date. It is run at least once a day, but sometimes every other day.

The only problem we've encountered with this dishwasher is sometimes the soap dispenser will get stuck and we will have to manually take it apart and clean it out. We have even thought of replacing the front panel of it to black to match our other appliances, because it is the original color, almond, which is a light beige. We have even looked at new dishwashers, but have had appliance salesmen tell us that dishwashers are not built like they once were, and expect to have to replace the new ones about every ten years. Yikes! I think we'll keep our Maytag LWC202 until it gives up the ghost!

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Feb 08, 2015
Great Dishwasher
by: Anonymous

I have the same dishwasher, actually I have 4 of the same dishwashers. I have 2 houses and have 2 dishwashers in each. Over the past 20 years I have purchased all of then from garage sales and Craigs list. I really appreciate the extra large capacity. It is a great machine and so easy to repair in the rare occasion when it needs attention. I have a stainless steel kit for the door and lower panel if you are interested.

Apr 08, 2011
Faucet Adapter
by: Bryan Mohr

When you converted it into a built-in, you didn't happen to keep your faucet adapter, did you? I am having absolutely no luck finding an adapter that will fit! As of right now I have a Maytag LWC202 sitting in the garage not being used because I can't locate one little piece. :(

Other than that, glad to hear yours is still running strong. I hope I can say the same about mine .... if I ever get it going.

Jan 23, 2011
Maytag LWC202 Portable Dishwasher.
by: Pat W.

As the other commentator stated we actually recieved our Maytag from my in-laws. We have had it over 16 yrs and they bought it new in 1990 i believe. It still runs and is now just starting to make some noise. But i picked up one from the side of the road for parts and it is definitely easy to fix this model and it is dependable. Thanks for a great product Maytag.

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