Maytag MDB4100AWQ Jetclean Quiet Pack

by Stace

We purchased a new home in 2002 that already had the Maytag dishwasher installed. The dishwasher was a couple of years old when we purchased the home, so now it's a little over eight years old. We purchased the home for sale by owner.

I remember having a conversation with the woman that used the dishwasher everyday. She had the dishwasher looked at because she felt the dishwasher was slow. The repair man told her that if you let the hot water run that it made the cycle shorter. I thought that was odd and it never seemed to help.

We didn't have any trouble out of the dishwasher until we had it worked on for the major recall. There was a major recall I guess over a year ago for this model Maytag. Instructions for the recall were to call Maytag and they would have a local guy come out and install the new part.

Well, he did and now the dishwasher leaks from time to time. I did call the service guy, after it leaked that first day, and he came back out and looked at it and ran a load and it didn't leak. I think he messed up something with the seal on the door. Prior to this "recall fix" we had no problems, but now it's pretty much hit and miss with water in the floor. It's not a lot of water, but it's enough to need a towel in front of the machine just in case.

If I could complain about anything it would be how long it takes. It feels like forever, but it does a good job cleaning. It's been a good dishwasher even eight years in. I would recommend this dishwasher-just watch who you let work on the thing!

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