Maytag MDB4651AWS Dishwasher

This is a great dishwasher. I love the oversize capacity tall tub that this Maytag come equipped with. I could not find this option on other models I looked at. This is great when you want to clean large pots and pans.

The ToughScrub Option helps clean away the grease and grime with ease. The delay wash feature and the four wash cycles are must haves to me. I like to wash dishes at night before I go to bed, so I set the delay wash feature and the dishwasher starts its wash right when I want it to.

I can set the cycle to my liking and forget about it. On the negative side is the stainless steel finish. It is harder to keep clean than I realized. My old dishwasher had an enamel finish and wash must easier to clean. You have to be extra careful with the stainless steel finish in order not to scratch it. You also have to take care when cleaning the touch pads.

Overall this is a great machine any one would be happy to have. It does a superb job of cleaning and is a quiet running dishwasher. I would rate this dishwasher a 4 star of of 5 rating. This Maytag is a superb machine with no major flaws in workmanship or craftsmanship. There are no real negatives except for my personal opinion on the stainless steel. I would definitely recommend you take a look at this Maytag if your old one is about to bite the bullet.

- superb job of cleaning
- quiet running dishwasher

- quiet hard to clean

4 out of 5

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