Maytag MDB5601AWQ Full Console Dishwasher with 5 Wash Cycles

by Terrie

We've only had our Maytag dishwasher for about three months, but so far it seems to be doing a fine job. It gets the dishes very clean and gets little bits and pieces of food off that are hard to scrape off yourself during a pre-wash. It's a very quiet machine, you hardly know it's running at all.

It holds more dishes than one might think when you first look at it. It's got space for 14 place settings on the bottom rack, and tons and tons of mugs and glasses on the top rack. The utensil holder can be a little tricky as it's two holders hooked together. If you're not careful, the two sections can come apart when you're putting silverware away, and one section can fall on the floor.

This machine has five wash cycles: Rinse Only, Light, Auto Clean, Heavy, and Normal. The “ToughScrub” setting removes the hard to get off particles of food. It has a Jetclean II wash system that has a more active cleaning jets than other brands. I love the “Sanitize” option that gets rid of 99.9% of bacteria.

I like the fact that you can set a delay timer for it run. You can set the timer for a six hour delay max, so it can start to run while you're asleep, but will be done by the time you're awake.

One thing that's inconvenient, is you can tell where the machine is during the cycle. It's just got a timer clock on the front, so you can't tell if it's on a rinse cycle or wash cycle like you can with other machines that have dials that move throughout the cycle. It also takes about two hours to run a full cycle, whereas with other machines it only takes about an hour.

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Jan 08, 2013
same problem
by: Anonymous

I am glad to see review - we have had the same problem and find it also has a recall on it for heat element causing fire.

It is a piece of JUNK - Maytag is offering a rebate on purchase of $499. dishwasher and this time got protection plan. But cost for installation and removal with plan $745. Very frustrating indeed!

Nov 01, 2009
by: Sandy Clark

[I am soooooooo frustrated. ]I bought my dishwasher 3 yrs ago. July 2009 the touch pad went black- no lights. The Maytag repairman came and said he would have to replace the pad. After a week for the panel to arrive, it was installed. A few days later it went out again. Repairman thinks it must be a defective part. Orders again, another week gone. Replaces again. Two weeks later, yes out again. I call Maytag with this complaint.

The rep tells me there are no previous problems associated with this dishwasher, but they can do 2 things 1 order a new part at 50% off the retail price or I can order a new dishwasher with a customer loyalty discount. Stupid Me!!!
I ordered another dishwasher. It came and one week later the touch pad is black again. I call Maytag again furious but sane and polite.

I had an electrician here to check the circut and all is fine with that. It IS the dishwasher. What a piece of junk!!!!I now have the price of 2 dishwashers involved, yet my hands are washing the dishes. Oh, did I mention I had a ton of company over the summer with a non functioning Maytag Dishwasher!!!

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