Maytag MDB6759AWS Dishwasher

Maytag boasts of a variety of dishwasher models. The models are all characterized by durability and variety of features. The MDB6759AWS, for instance, is very sturdy with its dimension of 35 1/4 inches and 23 7/8 inches. MDB6759AWS is an Energy Star-qualified dishwasher.

The model also boasts of its 14 place setting capacity, providing enough room for a lot of dishes. The model comes in stainless steel. The interior features an armor tub, while the exterior features a classic yet stylish design. Because of the armor tub, users can enjoy a reliable dishwasher with a stylish look. The price range is from $500+ to $600+.

Key features

With its 14 place setting capacity, one can wash a lot of dishes in just one loading by using this dishwasher.

The Tall Tub ensures that the model can accommodate several large dishes. For optimal cleaning, the model has an Auto Clean Plus cycle, which adjusts the temperature and number of fills. With this feature, one can expect excellent cleaning results.

There is also the NSF-certified Sanitize Option. This feature ensures that the dishes are thoroughly cleaned. The sanitize option removes the bacteria that could still be present on the surface of the dishes after washing them.

Like the rest of the models of Maytag, this one is Energy Star-qualified. This means that using this one will help you avoid expensive monthly bills. The model also boasts of premium dark DuraGuard nylon racks, which are excellent for glassware and other utensils. The DuraGuard nylon racks can last longer because it can resist rusting. Aside from this, this rack ensures that your glassware and other dishes will be scratch-free.

Cleaning is also made efficient through the Hi-Temp option of the dishwasher. Then there's also the automatic temperature control that contributes to the efficient washing of the dishes.

The stainless steel internal hard food chopper or disposer is a helpful feature in ensuring that the dishes are all cleaned. Other features worth mentioning are the control lock, ball tip rack tines with cradle cushion grip, high pressure spray jets, micro-fine plus filtration, and the ToughScrub Plus option.

On top of these features, there are also the Split and Fit silverware basket and microprocessor controls with touch pads. The Split and Fit silverware basket makes sure that tall and huge dishes can fit inside the dishwasher.


One of the best things about this model is that it has an NFS-certified Sanitize Option. This one ensures that 99.9% of food soil bacteria is killed. For a lot of consumers, this feature is very important in ensuring that the whole family is safe from disease-causing bacteria and germs.

Consumers also like the various cleaning features offered by this model such as the ToughScrub Plus option, micro-fine filtration, and high pressure spray jets. Many consumers are pleased with this model's premium dark DuraGuard nylon racks.

The racks protect the dishes from getting scratched. These racks are also sturdy because they resist rusting. The energy efficiency of the Maytag MDB6759AWS is also one of the reasons why there are a lot of shoppers who opt for this model.

An energy efficient kitchen equipment can actually help one save money in the long run. The QuietSeries sound package attracts other consumers as well. Some really want noiseless operation, and this feature allows them to enjoy a quiet and peaceful way of washing the dishes. Some consumers also like the Precision Clean turbidity sensor of the model.

For them, this feature ensures excellent cleaning results. With the sensor, one is spared to do the manual monitoring of temperature and other factors to ensure high quality washing results.

The high-temp option of this dishwasher is also a very important factor. With this option, one can make cleaning more efficient and effective.


Like any other dishwasher, MDB6759AWS is far from perfect. There are still a lot of things in this model, which some consumers find unappealing. One of them is the limited option for the color and the design.

The stainless steel exterior of this model is sleek-looking and sophisticated. However, this design would not really complement all types of kitchens, especially those with themed kitchens.

For kitchens that have hard wood interior, this model would not perfectly complement the area.

- Energy Star-qualified
- has an NFS-certified Sanitize Option
- has a stainless steel hard food chopper
- has a QuietSeries sound package
- more affordable than other Maytag dishwashers

- has limited design and color options
- not for all types of kitchen and household needs

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Jun 24, 2011
Good Dishwasher
by: Anonymous

I've owned this machine for about 18 months. The control panel recently quit working in such a short time. Other than that, I have not had any problems with the dishwasher. It cleans the dishes very well and it's very quiet. I tried different detergents and found that Finish cleans the best, even better than Cascade Complete. Finish is also recommended by many manufacturers.

Jun 10, 2011
Every major component failed
by: Anonymous

This product worked fine for only one year, after that the water pump motor, electronic circuit controller and the door controller pad all failed. My estimated repair cost from a certified repairman is almost $800 in parts and labor and I only paid $500 for the dishwasher.

Apr 05, 2011
Don't Buy!!!
by: Anonymous

I have owned this dishwasher for 13 months and the control panel is shot! I'm 1 month out of warranty. I wish I had read reviews before I purchased this. I tried to be forgiving after my Maytag washing machine problems .. But now I'm done with Maytag!

Dec 28, 2010
$398.00 at home depot
by: Anonymous

Home depot has this as of 12/26/2010.

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