Maytag MDB6759AWW

by Dorothy
(Windsor, On, Canada)

I purchased this Maytag dishwasher July 2009. I noticed an odour in the dishwasher before it was installed, however I thought it would be ok once it was rinsed and used as directed.

The odour has never improved, also even when the dry cycle is used plus the rinse agent which is recommended the interior of the dishwasher has bubbles of water on the top of the cavity and the racks have water drippings. So of course my dishes are also not really dry.

A technician came to my home last week and although he smelt the odour, he did not report it in his report!! He reported that the machine was clean and worked properly. I called Maytag again and got no satisfaction, except that they will send out another technician.

The smell in this machine has made me ill, to the point that I stopped using it. When I called my salesman about the problem, he suggested that we do a cycle using Tang, which we tried twice, but it did not clear up the smell.

This is very discouraging, I thought Maytag was a good brand. Our past dishwashers have always served us well for many years. Cannot say the same for Maytag, a bad investment right from the day we purchased it on July 29th 2009.

- unfortunately none for this dishwasher

- odour has made me ill
- dishes don't get dry

1 out of 5

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Mar 19, 2012
Maytag dishwasher inside smells terrible
by: Anonymous

My brand new Maytag dishwasher was installed two weeks ago. The smell coming from the inside is sickening. I am now washing my dishes by hand. The smell reminds me of either a burning motor or melted plastic!!!

May 06, 2011
Maytag customer relations, this unit.

I purchased this dishwasher 1yr 4mo. ago and it just stopped. Before this complete failure I was very dissatisfied with the performance as my dishes were never clean or completely dry. Next thing they told me not to use it until a new heating element could be installed as the current one could cause a fire. When this thing finally zonked out they offered to replace the electronics. I told Maytag I did not want to continue with this unit and since the electroncis would cost l65.00 I would rather have a $200 credit on a new machine which they refused. Maytag's old quality rating went in the trash can with my experience and their "customer satisfaction" with it. The dealer finaly came through with a trade in for me at their expense but no thanks to Maytag. Needless to say I bought a Bosch dishwasher and will never purchase a Maytag, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Amanah or any other related appliance from this Company. My quality rating O.

Jan 07, 2010
Same issue with the Electrolux Icon model made by Maytag
by: Anonymous

I purchased the Electrolux Icon version of this dishwasher that Maytag made for them and the same problem. It has a terrible smell, the dishes are a little wet but my biggest issue is that ALL of my dishes, cutlery and mugs etc come out just as dirty as they were when they went in. I have had this for 8mths with many service call out and they supposidly can not find anything wrong with it! It is the worst dishwasher I have ever used. Finally they store I purchased it from is going to replace it for me.

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