Maytag MDB7759A

by Charlotte
(Woodstock, GA)

We purchased this dishwasher when we remodeled our kitchen in 2011. We have not had any repair issues. However, the design is extremely poor.

(1) The bottom rack rolls out of the grooves, and I am concerned that one day all of the dishes will be dumped out on the floor.

(2) The interior does not appear to be as large as the models I have owned in the past. I am not able to put tall glasses or stemware in the top rack.

Also, we have to be very careful when loading dinner dishes, because sometimes the top spray arm will hit the dishes while you are pulling the bottom rack out or pushing the bottom rack in, and this causes the dishes to shift and fall over.

I have very strong concerns that someday all of my dishes will be broken, because of this very poorly designed dishwasher. I can not believe how badly this thing was designed.

I have been using dishwashers over 45 years and have never have one this bad. Plus, it really does not clean my dishes any better than any of my old dishwashers. I have read many of the reviews written by other consumers and see most of their complaints have been regarding their machines breaking down and not working.

Mine is still working, but I wish it would break down so I could get another dishwasher, and it won't be another Maytag.

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