Maytag MDB7809AWM Jetclean Plus Dishwasher

For a dishwasher that has high marks in performance, durability, noise level, and style, Maytag's MDB7809AWM makes a smart choice. MDB7809AWM comes equipped with features that remove tough stains as well as germs and bacteria while working with reduced sound.

Key features

- High pressure spray jets scour the dishes to remove tough and stubborn stains.
- Dishes are washed on different levels, using water sprayed from every angle and direction to cover all surfaces of the dishes.
- The built-in food disposer allows you to load dishes without giving them a thorough rinse. The disposer comes with a self- cleaning filter that keeps the water clean and free of debris.
- The soil sensor ensures that water remains clean and that no food particles are recirculated with the water and redeposited on the dishes.
- The sanitary wash or rinse cycle has a temperature of 160 degrees to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria from the dishes.
- The auto wash cycle determines the optimal temperature and number of rinse cycles that are needed.
- The high temperature wash cycle helps remove tough stains on the dishes.
- The unit uses an internal heating element to dry dishes faster, the perfect option for those who want to dry dishes in a hurry. You also have the option to dry the dishes by air drying them to save on energy.
- The stainless steel feature helps in the drying process since stainless steel has heat retaining and water condensing properties.
- The convection drying system used by this unit prevents overheating by circulating air through the dishwasher vents without the fan.
- The unit also comes with the silverware basket, which is movable, dividable, and has covered slots for easier organization of silverware inside the unit.
- The rinse only option is the closest thing to the economy feature, which allows you to use lesser energy when rinsing dishes.


The unit comes with simple controls, a sleek and stylish design. It is also easy to load and the features such as high temp washing remove tough stains. The sanitary features are also very handy, as they eliminate the need to sterilize dishes.


One of the main complaints about this unit is that it does not effectively loosen up deposits on the glassware, a feature present in some models for the same price. The racks also do not move up or down. This lack of flexibility makes it difficult to fit in very large or tall dishes or glasses. The dishwasher model also does not have an additional shelf that allows you stack two levels of glasses in order to secure delicate stemware during the wash cycle.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- stainless steel door provides a clean, sleek modern look
- stainless steel tub is durable
- digital touch pad controls are visible from the front for a modern look


- does not effectively loosen up deposits on glassware
- no extra utility basket that can store utensils and smaller items of cutlery
- no additional shelf for stacking one glass on top of another

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Apr 15, 2011
great fore 1 year
by: civicboy

we had a great working maytag dishwasher no problems but was recalled so, whirlpool gave us this model no problems for year and boy it cleaned awesome and just when warrenty expired the control on day just started flicking and doing random washes called maytag and tro my surprise said they would take of it well it was not control panel or control board it just stop working and have not had dishwasher for 2 months whirlpool service co that sent out 5 times does not know what is wrong with and said cannot be fixed and whirlpool will not get back with us so, after buying maytag only for 30 years i am giving up that ripped me og i am converting to ge there dishwashers have 5 year electrical warrenty. so long maytag thanks for nothing whirlpool

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