Maytag MDB8600AWW

Five years ago, I bought Maytag because I thought it was supposed to be the best. Within a few months, this dishwasher leaked right near the float. We found it out by water all over the kitchen floor. When we took the front lower panel off, we saw the right hand front leg was completely rusted. Then we knew it had been leaking for some time.

Thinking it was the tub gasket, we bought a new one and replaced the old. We had no problem for a few more weeks. I called Maytag, they told me one of the spray arms must have a crack in it. That did not prove to be the case. We changed the gasket that goes under the door, but didn't really know where it went or how to install it.

We had no more trouble for about 14 months, then it flooded the kitchen again. We took the front lower panel off, put a pan under to see where the leak was coming from. Sometimes it would leak a few drops, sometimes not at all, but last week it flooded the kitchen floor again and loosened tile that now needs replaced.

When I ask Maytag to explain where that gasket is to be installed, in case we still have it wrong, I was told to call a repairman. I called the repairman in our area and was told he would charge $75.00 an hour from the time he left his building until his return, plus parts. His building is 40 minutes away. No more Maytag for me.

I am going to buy a different dishwasher, but sure don't know which one to buy. Reviews don't seem to give much hope for any of them.

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