Maytag MDB8859AWS Stainless Steel Jetclean Plus Dishwasher

The MDB8859AWS makes cleaning dishes as stylish and as energy-efficient as possible. This Maytag dishwasher model earns high marks for cleaning, drying, and overall washing capacity in a stylish stainless steel design. For efficient washing even of larger loads of dishes, this unit's large capacity can take on very large piles of dishes that you can clean in record time.

Key features

- The MDB8859AWS comes with spray arms that are used to clean and rinse dishes. Cleaning is supplemented by the spray jets, which scrub the dishes clean of stubborn stains.
- The dishes are cleaned from five different levels. Water comes from different angles in order to remove all stains in the dishes.
- The built-in food disposer and self-cleaning filter keeps the wash water clean and free of debris.
- It has a soil sensor that ensures water cleanliness. It makes sure that dirty water is not recirculated and that soil is not redeposited in the dishes.
- The unit also comes with the auto-temp control. The water temperature is kept at 135-145 degrees F for proper cleaning when using detergents.
- You can be sure that your dishes come out clean and bacteria-free with the sanitary wash or rinse feature. This feature uses 160 degrees or more to remove 99.9% of germs.
- The auto-wash cycle determines the optimal temperature and the number of rinse cycles to use.
- The high-temp wash feature uses high temp water that's helpful in cleaning heavily soiled dishes.
- Energy- and water-saving functions are also very useful for reduced energy and water consumption.
- Cleaning tall tumblers and dishes are never a problem with its super capacity, tall tub, giving you about 20% more room than typical tubs.
- Fold-down tines are also designed to make room for larger or taller items.
- The cup or stemware shelf is an additional feature that allows you to stack two cups together when washing.


Its stylish design is one of the main advantages of this unit. The stainless steel door provides a clean, sleek modern look. Users also like the stainless steel tub, which is more durable compared to other types of interiors. They also enjoy ease of control with the full touchpad controls that are hidden on the top door edge for a seamless look.


For the price, the unit may not be as roomy as some have hoped. The lower rack does not come with a slider mechanism, making it hard to pull out in some instances.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- multiple features for different kinds of dishes
- easy navigation with touchpad controls
- stainless steel exteriors for stylish look
- stainless steel interior is very durable and easy to clean
- jet dispenser is very easy to fill
- easy to adjust the top rack, if needed


- lower rack does not have a slider mechanism
- no digital display that shows the cycle time
- no option for an economy cycle
- (in most cases) there is a little bit of water left in the cups and plates

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