Maytag MDB8959AWS3

by Unhappy with Maytag
(Glendale, AZ)

dirty silverware

dirty silverware

dirty silverware dirty cups (top rack) White-caked plates

We got this in early December and have been so disappointed, especially since this model is Maytag's top of the line dishwasher. We bought this model based on Maytag's online video and the many positive reviews from this site.

The rinse agent dispenser went through an entire small bottle of JetDry in just 7 washes (should be about 40 washes). The dishes come out dirty and it's as if there's not enough water pressure to clean the dishes. Even though the Maytag video says it will take peanut butter off the silverware with the "silverware blast", it doesn't.

I have had to rewash more dishes from this dishwasher than any other one I have owned. The knives have grit on them; the forks have food on and between the tines; the spoons have food stuck to the back and front. Hot chocolate cups come out with chocolate all over the inside rims; avocado and beans, cheese, all stick to plates and sliverware.

The heated dry still leaves lots of water on the tops of the cups in the top rack. The 2nd. time we washed the dishes, our brown stoneware was caked with white stuff. We were told it was because of the dishwashing detergents not having phosphates in them anymore.

We got new dishwasher detergent products as recommended and the dishes are no longer "white", but are still dirty. Don't waste your time or money on this product. You'll regret it.

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