Maytag MDB9750AWW Dishwasher

For the most part, I am unhappy with this dishwasher. It is only about five years old, yet I am already going to replace it. The main problem with it is that it simply doesn’t clean very well, even with lightly soiled dishes that have been rinsed before putting them into the dishwasher.

The silverware and some of the plates usually have a film on them after washing, especially after washing dishes with foods such as chocolate or tomato sauce that stain easily. I tried using rinse aid, which helped somewhat, but still did not give great results. The dishwasher is difficult to load efficiently due to the shape of the racks.

They are lower on one side than the other, leaving a sloped area in the middle of the rack which is useless for holding anything. Anything placed there falls off because the rack is not flat. The racks are also flimsy.

The tines are designed to be able to fold down, and they often will not stay upright. Some of the clips which hold the tines up have broken. The racks can be adjusted which is a nice feature, but they are difficult to reposition and often get stuck. The cycles take a very long time…even the light wash cycle takes an hour and a half, and the normal wash takes over two hours.

- The racks can be rearranged to hold larger items, and the third rack on the bottom is removable
- The dishwasher is not very loud

- The dishwasher is inefficient and does not clean the dishes well.
- The inside of the dishwasher often has an unpleasant odor after the dishes are washed

1 out of 5

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