Maytag MDC4650AWW Dishwasher

Maytag is one of the most reliable brands for home appliances. With its lines of refrigerators, dishwashers, and an array of kitchen appliances and accessories, it has built a good name as a home appliance manufacturer.

Product overview

The MDC4650AWW is a 24” portable dishwasher in black or white units that comes from Maytag, a known brand of home appliances. With it's super-sized capacity, the MDC4650AWB is the perfect dishwasher for mid-sized to large families. This is also a good option for a family that is just starting out.

The MDC4650AWB is also unique in that consumers can switch from a portable to a built-in with the same unit whenever they feel like it. The unit works as well as a built-in dishwasher with the flexibility of a portable. With its convertible design, it can be easily installed as a built-in unit in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

Microprocessor Controls with 6 Touchpads -- Touchpads allow for easy navigation of settings and easy manipulation of controls. Touchpads are also easier to clean compared to rotating knobs.

QuietSeries 100 Sound Package -- What makes the MDC4650AWB stand out from the rest is the lack of noise. The MDC4650AWB is extremely quiet for a portable, which is a useful advantage for those who want to save on money by doing the dishes overnight.

3 Wash Arms and 4 Wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, rinse only) -- This feature allows users to save on electricity by choosing the right setting for each type of dishwashing job. Generally, light and rinse only features do not eat up as much power as the other two settings.

Stainless Steel Hard Food Dispenser -- Consumers can rely on the stainless steel hard food dispenser, which dices food particles for easier disposal.

2-4-6 Hour Delay Wash -- Consumers can also save more on energy bills with the 2-4-6 hour delay feature, especially if they live in areas where there are cheaper electric rates during the night. In cases like these, it is better to set the delay for past 9 p.m.


One of the main advantages of using Maytag's MDC4650AWB is that it has a large capacity for a portable. It is also capable of washing dishes for 14 table settings at a time, compared to the usual 12 settings of other units from other brands.

The MDC4650AW comes from a known brand of dishwashing units. As such, it is no surprise that it comes with one of the most powerful of all dishwashing systems, a powerful 1/3-HP motor that can clean out even the toughest stains from plates and pans.

Three (3) wash arms and four (4) wash cycles also ensure that dishes come out sparkling clean, even if they are loaded without rinsing. Unlike other dishwashers, users can load unrinsed plates into the dishwasher, and they will come out clean, almost the same as those that were given a little rinse before loading.


The bulk is perhaps the worst feature of the MDC4650AWB. However, consumers who live in apartments may find that the MDC4650AWB can also provide extra countertop space and can easily be moved around. Another disadvantage is that some may find it difficult to hook the unit to the sink without any help.

A $10 adaptor is a requirement for hooking the unit to the kitchen sink. While the units are described as white or black, it must be clarified that black units come with white side panels.

Final thought

The MDC4650AWB is perhaps another good dishwasher for its price. Aside from the guarantee in quality that consumers get, the MDC4650AWB is a domestic jewel in itself because it is capable of doing basic to complex tasks, at a larger capacity than other dishwashers. Even hard-to-remove stains such as dried food leftovers are no match for the unit's 1/3-HP motor. These and other more useful features make the MDC4650AWB worth every cent.

Consumer likes:
* convertible option
* easy to use
* large capacity
* pressure release feature (useful when disconnecting unit from water source)
* very quiet

Consumer dislikes:
* bulky
* may be a tad expensive than most units from other brands
* extra charge to use unit as a portable
* wash cycles take longer
* water pressure may be low when the water source is divided between the unit and any other appliance in the house
* requires a $10 adaptor to hook the unit to the sink faucet

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Apr 20, 2011


Jan 31, 2011
by: Disappointed

This was my first dishwasher I have bought. I was so happy I had a growing family and I really needed a dishwasher. We saved for months for it. Right after the 1 year warrenty it broke down with an electrical problem. The Tech said the switch board was out and would cost as much as buying a new washer. This should never happen. Now I am stuck with hand washing my dishes.

Apr 08, 2010
almost perfect
by: Anonymous

- It provided some extra counter space in tight kitchen
- Very easy to use with many different settings for maximal load flexibility

- The length of time it takes to do a load

This dishwasher I first used as a portable for about a year and a half. It was great for that it provided some extra counter space in tight kitchen that desperately needed it! Later we eventually moved took the dishwasher with us and had absolutely no where to put a portable dishwasher, but the built in dishwasher was old and very outdated! So we took advantage of its conversion capabilities.

It converted from stand-alone to built in, in a matter of minutes, by simply removing a few screws it was read as a built in! This dishwasher is very easy to use with many different settings for maximal load flexibility. Its gets things clean and sanitized very well.

The only con of this machine is the length of time it takes to do a load. When on the max setting it for heavy loads it takes about 2 and half hours to completely finish the cycle. It is also load at times, but not always.

The door for the soap seems to stick every now and then but always opens enough to let the soap do its job. The dishwasher is great but usually is best to run the load when you’re leaving for work so it’s done when you get home. All in all I would say it’s a 3 out 5. It gets the job done, but it takes forever, and when you’re running low on dishes it can be quite annoying.

Apr 07, 2010
wow good value
by: Alice Rodriguez

I have TWO brand new dishwashers sitting in my kitchen, both Maytags, both bought because of reviews AND the fact they are made in the USA. The 1st one bought from Home Depot for $560, to the door. It leaks, and the damn thing won't complete a full cycle. It worked great for one month. I limped along for another month, calling Home Depot and telling them this one was coming back.

Off to look for another washer. I was so spoiled, the Maytag has more room than any other dishwasher I looked at and I looked at every one I could find. The way Maytag has configured the inside racks was a BEAUTIFUL thing to behold, I could fit 3 days worth of dishes with plenty of room for the water to go around. I have got to say that rack configuration had me sold so much that I thought I would buy the same dishwasher, again.

It took a couple of weeks to finally get around to ordering another one and low and behold, Maytag had another, higher-rated motor, brand new portable dishwasher! Wow! This time I paid the extra $100 for a 5 yr warranty. The guy who sold me the DW didn't even have to ask me and was impressed that I asked for an extra warranty. I am not getting stuck again.

Well, even though I ordered this from Home Everything, NY, I live in California and it got here in a week,( $799 to the door, only $40 more for a "better" DW with an extra $100 for the warrenty), X-mas week, no less. I was so pleased, boy, I was going to get the best end of the deal, ya!? Not so fast, I get it inside, open the door and my heart falls. WHY would Maytag mess with such a good thing?? The rack configuration of the new, higher powered DW sucks!!!

Thinking I was stuck again I am now waiting for the repair man to come and switch out the "inards". Wonder what Maytag is going to think? Oh, I am going to tell them. I had already written and let them know the thing was rusting after only one month of use, another problem I noticed and didn't expect. I paid the extra $100 for a reason, little did think I would be able to pull this off and if I do I will let you know.

My friends tell me I should write a book. I bought and returned 7 TV's till I found what I think is the best deal out there for the best TV I could afford. It's been a fun 2009 X-mas for this ol' hippie Mama.

I sure like being a savey consumer!

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