Maytag MDD8000AWS Double Drawer Dishwasher

MDD8000AWS is a 24" dishwasher that comes with a drawer that can accommodate 5-piece place-setting. It has numerous wash cycles for superior efficiency in washing dishes. It also makes a good choice for kitchens where space is limited. The Maytag MDD8000AWS is also noted for its precision clean, so you get clean dishes every time.

Key features

- Its 5-piece place-setting capacity, auto clean feature, and precision sensor all work together to give your dishes a good clean depending on the level of soil in your dishes.
- The stainless steel body adds to the durability of this unit, making it look more expensive and stylish.
- The compact frame makes MDD8000AWS perfect for small kitchens.
- The washing chambers can simultaneously wash dishes, one of the features that makes this unit very energy-efficient. This two-dishwashing space system also saves on water and helps you wash larger piles of dishes in half the time.
- Multiple wash cycles such as heavy, normal, InstaWash, light, and auto clean help in conserving water and energy by giving more options for different kinds of dishwashing needs.
- The unit also comes with premium dark Duraguard Nylon Racks, which are coated with nylon to avoid scratching expensive china and crystal while preventing the rusting of the racks at the same time.
- The unit also comes with the Quiet Series sound package, a special sound dampening package that is perfect for those who prefer to do the dishes at night for cheaper power costs.
- Its place setting capacity is smaller than the typical capacity for dishwashers, but the extra dishwashing load can be carried by the second drawer, allowing you to wash larger loads at the same time.
- You get clean dishes, pots, and pans with the high pressure spray jets, which use pressure to remove stubborn stains even if you forget to rinse them prior to loading.
- You can also save on water cost with sensors that help direct water to areas in the dishes where it is needed the most.


One advantage is the built-in drawer, which doubles the amount of dishes you can wash at a time. The stainless steel feature is another advantage because it makes the unit look stylish and elegant and more expensive than it really is. This will make it go well with other stainless steel appliances in the house.


For its sophisticated features, the $1,000 price is pretty reasonable, although there are other units that can do the same job for a lesser price and with more convenience features. The unit is also not ADA-compliant. Another disadvantage is the dark grey polymer tub interior, when there are other units with stainless steel tubs that are sold at lower prices.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- energy-efficient
- compact design saves on space
- does a fine job at washing dishes, including pots and pans
- cleans faster than other dishwashing units
- stylish exterior


- no stainless steel tub
- not ADA-compliant
- absence of other convenience features

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Jan 10, 2015
worst dishwasher
by: Anonymous

I have been married for forty years and have had many dishwashers. This dishwasher was a nightmare to install-(my husband is a plumber of 43 years). The dishwasher only lasted 5 years. When we took it out, it was full of calcium under the top drawer. You were limited on what you could load in the dishwasher. Very, Very disatisfied!

Dec 21, 2011
Worst Dishwasher on the market
by: Anonymous

This is the worst dishwasher I have ever owned every complaint above is true plus many others since it leaks due to the cheaply made plastic piece in the front that breaks every other week it is loud and sounds like a big truck coming. I'm about to junk it and go back to another washer.

May 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

This thing does not clean your dishes nor will it dry them. and the worst is when you call the tech. out he say " if you want the dishes to dry just leave the draw open for a few hours." Also, "if te dishes still are not clean when they come out you should clean them more before you put them in." this is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 10, 2010
Maytag double drawer
by: Mgmtman

My girlfriend purchased one of these through Home Depot Spring of 2010 and is now very anquished that she did!
Installation was difficult, even by a professional appliance installer. There is little leeway for drain hoses and electrical due to the two drawers, which use all available space under a countertop. The units do not seem to have a drying cycle, so glassware, etc. comes out a bit "moist"!
I ssume because of the excess moisture left after each wash, the inside of her dishwasher smells moldy, so she has to leave the drawer open, with the use of an outside object. Quite frustrating!
Loading is also a hassle. Plates are no big deal but glassware does not fit in many areas, easily.
I could go on, but to cut to the chase, she (and I) are ready to chuck this dishwasher and go back to a conventional single door model!

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