Maytag Model MDB 9100AWB

by Sally

I bought this dishwasher for six years ago. It is very quiet and runs well. There was a recall on the dishwasher. I scheduled the visit for the recall with Maytag and the local appliance did the work. They did a good job. We have never had a problem with the machine. It is quiet and runs well. I like the auto clean function and the delay start function. The lower rack has several configurations that can be used.

The nice thing about the configurations is that is does not require adding pieces to the rack. They can be simple flipped into place. This allows for larger or smaller bowls to be placed in the rack for washing. I really like the utensil holder. It has a handle and can be removed for transporting the utensils to the drawer. This is really handy.

The one thing I do not like about the utensil holder is that sometimes spoons or forks will get caught in the slots and it can be a bit difficult to remove them. The upper rack is very nice and has an adjustable cup holder. It helps to lock cups in place. This is great for the lighter weight plastic cups. There is plenty of room for cereal bowls and cups.

The lower rack also has a removable small item container. This is great for those items that would otherwise fall through the rack and land on the dryer element.

There are two spray arms that rotate. One in the bottom and one in the top. They do a great job cleaning the dishes.

The soap dispensers are conveniently located on the door. There is a pre-wash and and main wash compartment. Both can be filled at the same time. They are easy to close. When used they are fully cleaned out and there is not detergent left behind to be cleaned out at the end of the wash cycle. I would buy this machine again.

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Aug 10, 2009
Control Panel fried
by: STeve Klassen

After a few years of good service the control panel went. Replaced it for $200 but not working right now.

Jul 16, 2009
broke down
by: Anonymous

Stay away from this machine. We have owned and used it for 2 years and suddenly the control panel gave out, a repair quoted at between $300-400 depending on if it needs a computer part also. We are going to trash it and get a different (hopefully) better machine.

My parents have also had extensive troubles with their Maytag dishwasher.

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