mayTag model # Mdb7749awm2

by Sherri Soumis
(Windsor, ON)

This dishwasher is garbage! We have had it only 2 years! This is a $700 unit stainless steel outside and inside. After only two years the wash motor is gone and so is the chopper!

This will cost so much to fix we might as well buy a new dishwasher! We called may tag to see if they could assist us with this and of course they do not stand behind their products!

We were told by the service tech that the motor used to be covered by may tag for 5 years and apparently now it's only covered for a year. They must have figured out their shit products wouldn't make it five years so they had to reduce the warranty to 1 year so the product might stand a chance!

We have purchased from may tag in the last two years a stove, fridge, dishwasher, hood fan/microwave, washer and dryer and apparently they cannot do anything for us. We have also already had to call a service tech about our stove because a wire wasn't screwed to the back of our stove properly at the factory and caused a burn mark on the wall in out kitchen almost causing a fire!

This will be my last may tag purchase!!! Never again will I purchase such garbage in the future, and I'll make sure to spread the word on how "awesome" their products are in the future!

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