Maytag Model No: 194093

by Robin
(Fairfield, Ohio USA)

I purchased my Maytag dishwasher from HH Gregg about a month ago for $699.97 and I love the way it look first and foremost. The stainless steel design and the LED indicator looks sleek and expensive, but the value was considerable good. I have teenagers in the house and the best part about this is the fact that it will clean ANYTHING!

I have gotten so tired of yelling at them to rinse the dishes correctly before loading the dish washer…with this one I have stopped yelling, it will clean day old egg off a plate, amazing! One of the features is a delay you can set it to 2 – 4- 6- hours to wash later, I do not understand this setting too much as the machine is very quiet and energy efficient, why would anyone need this feature?

I can set this to wash and stand right next to it and not hear it at all. I had other stainless steel models that were hard to clean and would leave streaks but this model has been very easy to clean and leaves virtual no finger prints like most stainless steel appliances do.

All in all I am very happy with the value and the quality of my dishwasher and would recommend the Maytag name to anyone.

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Aug 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

We have had our Maytag dishwasher for about 3 years and used it half dozen times as the plates don't stand up....if anybody else is having the same problem and they have a solution for this I would love to hear from you....Maureen.cowburn

Jan 13, 2009
Works wonders on messy dishes
by: Kimberly Schmidt

We have had our Maytag Dishwasher now for 2 months and we love it. My dishes come out so clean and works great on my stainless steal pots and pans that I have.

Maytag is one of the best out there to buy and when we need another one which I hope not for along while,that we will buy another Maytag dishwasher. Maytag appliances in general have been in my family for generations now.

I Lived one place that did not have one and again I could not wait to get my own home so I could have my Maytag back. Dishwashers are not just dishwashers they are not all alike as some like to claim they are or better.That is not always the case or true.Maytag has reputation to withhold and they will continue to uphold that honor and in my eyes will always have my faith in them.

Maytag Dishwashers work wonders specially when it comes to my kids very messy dishes and cups. They come out looking like they were never used they are so nice and clean..It also works like a sanitizer for your dishes that keeps them clean and I just love our Maytag.

If anyone out there asked me what kind of dishwasher i had id tell them and tell them to buy one in most definitely. Like I have said in other statements of mine in this I grew up with the name Maytag and we had the guy who repaired them come to our house when I was growing up.I could not live without my Maytag today dishwasher I tell you as I find it one of the best and greatest dishwashers to be honest out in the market.

As mentioned I have had others dishwashers and they did not do the job or even half or all the job that my Maytag dishwasher can do. It can run circles around the others I tell you.

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