Maytag Performa

I find the dishwasher is easy to load and very versatile when it comes to fitting small or larger dishes. I can easily fit dinner dishes from four people as well as breakfast dishes for a few days in one load. I find it to be a little on the loud side when running, but not to the point of unbearable.

The dial on the front for selection of cycle tends to be very touchy and if not properly lined up will not start. I like the fact that i can select to have it on a super hot water for sanitary loads or have it on normal hot water for regular loads. I find the white color and the texture on the handle to be hard to keep clean with 2 dogs and children around.

The tines that help support the dishes are well coated and do not scratch my non stick pots and pans. Some of the tines have bent and make loading plates a little more difficult. The silverware caddy is nice, able to hold a lot of pieces as well as able to take the cooking utensils.

Some of the spatulas don't fit, they are too tall and must be laid in the top rack which is a down fall as you lose space in that area. Overall I would recommend this dishwasher to people who live in a small area, and don't need to run it very often.

I would rate this dishwasher a 4 out of 5 for getting the job done but only a 2 out of 5 for noise level while running. It is very easy to use, but very easy for a two year old to start as well.

- It gets the really dirty dishes clean
- Can hold a lot of dishes with a variety of sizes and shapes
- It also cleans my dishes better than ever

- I find it to be noisy
- It can also be temperamental if the dial is not in just the right spot to start

3 out of 5

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Apr 07, 2010
some problems
by: Anonymous

- cleans well and efficiently.

- doesn't always drain the little bits of food particles all the way
- cannot fill up the top shelf all the way or it will not clean.

This is a pretty good dishwasher. Once I figured out a couple of tricks, it cleans quite well and I rarely have to re-wash stuff. Here's the tricks: I hang the Jet Dry pack at the front right corner of the top rack, but then I cannot put a bowl in the closest bowl slot or the Jet Dry will not circulate and nothing will clean well.

Also, the washer doesn't quite drain out all the little food particles and some end up on top of the glasses or other concave surfaces on the top rack. If I use the dry mode, or leave the dishes in until they are all the way dry, the food particles stick and are really hard to wash off, but if I leave it on energy saver mode (not dry mode) and wipe the food particles off while the dishes are still wet, it works well and I don't have to hand wash anything.

Okay, it probably sounds like there is a lot wrong with this washer, but those are two little things that I have gotten used to and no big deal anymore. I really do like this washer, and for the most part it works really well.

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