maytag quiet 300 series

by Ben Weik
(Barnhart, Mo)

I installed this model myself 5-6yrs ago in my home. Added extra layer of insulation, which is what determines the quietness of machine overall. It cleaned well and sanitised well. Never seemed to dry well, even after sitting for hours.

I have 2 big problems with this model. The plastic handle has broken 3 times and the flat panel display went nutz making the unit unusable. I was able to take the door apart and dry the electric ribbon and circuit board inside. Moisture from steam must have gotten inside.

This seems to be a common problem with this model. The handle has broken again, but this time the exterior plastic of door face also broke off. When this happened the heater light has come on making it unusable. This time drying inside of electronics has failed to fix problem.

Time to purchase a new washer. I will stay away from plastic handle machines. This Maytag worked well the first couple of years, except for drying. I would not buy this model again.

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