MDB4709AWS Maytag Energy Star Jetclean Plus Dishwasher - Stainless Steel with Black

For a dishwasher that cleans efficiently but also saves on kitchen space, Maytag's MDB4709AWS can be a smart choice. The model has the dimensions of 23 7/8 inches in width, 34 1/2 inches in height, and 24 1/2 inches in depth. It can accommodate up to 14 place settings and comes with a durable tub and a sturdy plastic interior. For the price, there are only a few that can beat the Maytag MDB4709AWS as the ideal companion in the kitchen.

Key features

- The Energy Star seal helps users save up on power and water consumption. With this seal, you can be sure to consume less water and power but still get

squeaky clean dishes every time.
- The unit comes with the Twice the Life Motor and helps you get the most out of your unit. It prolongs the life of your motor compared to typical dishwashing units.
- Clean your dishes free of food debris and stains with the JetClean Plus Wash System, which drives sprays of water from different sides of the tub to hit the dishes and cover all surfaces thoroughly.
- The capacity for 14 place wash settings allow you to wash larger loads of dishes in one cycle.
- The QuietSeries Sound Package reduces the level of noise that your unit produces when it operates. It works quietly in the background.
- The delay option allows you to set the time you want the unit to start running. You can choose to delay the unit to start by 2, 4, or 6 hours.
- The oversize capacity tub allows you to fit large items in the dishwasher. Clean cookie sheets and tall tumblers with ease using this feature.
- The Precision Clean Turbidity Sensor makes sure that no food particles are included in the cleaning water, which can be deposited on the rest of the dishes.
- Remove not just tough stain but bacteria and germs as well. The NSF-certified sanitize option ensures that your dishes come out almost 100% bacteria- free, not just squeaky clean.
- Other features include the Ball Tip Rack Tines with the cradle cushion grip and the microprocessor controls with touch pads. Microprocessor controls with touch pads add to

the modern functionality of the unit and makes changing the controls very easy to do.
- The automatic temperature control adjusts the temperature of the water depending on the level of soil that needs to be cleaned.


The reasonable price, quiet performance, and cleaning efficiency are just a few of the positive attributes cited by users regarding this dishwasher unit. The Maytag MDB4709AWS is very affordable considering its features. The QuietSeries Sound Package is also very useful for those who prefer cleaning the dishes at night, when power rates are lower.


One of the main complaints about this dishwasher model by Maytag is the lack of option for color and design. It only comes in stainless steel and black. It can also be quite expensive for those who are looking for compact washers with basic controls.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- stylish design
- reasonable price
- comes with basic and useful features
- removes bacteria and germs from the dishes
- integrated controls


- lack of options for colors and designs
- can be a tad expensive for those who are looking for smaller, compact washers

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