by Ron

What a great dishwasher! I'm on a low budget, so getting this one for under 500.00 makes me happy. I put up with a horrible Kenmore for years and it was time to put it to sleep.(I don't think all Kenmore's are as bad as mine, but putting their name on that machine made me leery of the Sears brand.)

This machine cleans much better than my old one did when new.I read many reveiws,and the huge majoity concerning this one were positive.My only prerequisites were that I wanted a large stainless tub, and more solid nylon trays that wouldn't degenerate. This machine gets almost everything you put in it sparkling clean, and mostly dry.The extra large tub and graduated upper tray is very useful, letting you load larger items in the bottom and top.

I read that the handle was annoyingly hard to open. Yep. Most everything else about it is so efficient and thoughtfully designed that it's a shame to have to temper my recommendation on such a seemingly simple to amend flaw.(Maytag engineers, are you listening?) But I was aware of this issue going in and it was still well worth it. The projecting handle and more adjustable tines on the trays for more ease of loading are available for more money, and would probably make a better ownership experience, but for what I paid, I really can't praise it enough.

Plus, it's made in Ohio. Thanks Maytag, for putting out a both great and reasonable product!

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