MDB7749SBM - Please help!

Question: I was interested in finding out more information on a Maytag dishwasher and was wondering if you could help. Model # MDB7749SBM Please help!!

Our Answer:

As you would have found, this dishwasher isn't reviewed on our site yet. And after a quick look, I couldn't easily find other reviews on the internet either.

However, one trick I've learnt is to look for reviews for the same model, but in a different color. After all, you want to know how it works; you can see the color for yourself!

So if you do a search on MDB7749, you'll find a few user reviews of this model. For example,

A few good and reasonable reviews here:

  • Just purchased this dishwasher. It replaced a more expensive GE Profile that blew its electronics from a lightening strike. This Maytag is quieter than the GE, and has a stainless steel interior. The dishes have come out sparkling.

  • "...We use this dishwasher at least once a day with everything from cups and silverwear to caked-on baking pans and it cleans everything. The steam-clean option is great and the heated dry makes unloading quick....

And a couple of not so good reviews which I obtained from

  • The dishwasher arrived broke (bad keypad module) and it took over one month and three separate service calls to finally get it fixed. Although I paid for it immediately when I ordered it, Maytag didn't seem to care if it ever got fixed. I will never buy another appliance over the internet again!

  • After only a couple of months with this dishwasher, we have resolved ourselves to taking dishes out of it for two reasons: 1) It's time to just handwash the dish/it's spent too much time in the dishwasher now, or 2) I'm starving! it's clean enough! Every SINGLE item is covered with a white film that we cannot get away from. We have tried everything that is meant to resolve that issue, to no avail. Jet dry (although expensive) should be sending us free products, as much as we've bought from them. There is NO detergent that will work in this machine and for this product, at the price Lowes was selling it for, I held out until we had enough we could get a nice one! I am now stuck for a while, handwashing everything that comes out of this machine...

Good luck in your search for a great dishwasher. If you buy this one, please come back and leave a review for other visitors.

Thanks, The team

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Feb 15, 2013
The best way to get dishes clean
by: Anonymous

The best way to get dishes clean with the modern dishwashers is to make sure that your hot water is set to at least 140 F.

If you are in an area of hard water, use products like Finish Glass Magic, or Lemme Shine. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, then use a packet of Lemon Crystal Light! It has citric acid in it, and it will do the same thing.

Finally, do not let your dishwasher get gummed up with lots of food particles, tea bag tags and broken glass. All this will do is clog up the unit. The only way it can be cleaned, then is a service call and the technition can pull the impeller apart and clean it.

Finally, realize that it's the hot water that makes all the difference in the world. If you use a rinse agent so be it.

Before your run your dishwasher open the hot water faucet and get the water nice and hot. That way when the machine fills you will have real hot water. I also like to use the sanitizing cycles, and hot dry as well.

The basic cleaning problems have started because the government mandated that most of the phosphates be removed from the dishwashing soaps.

If you use really hot water, the dishes will come out sparkling and shining even with hard water.

Finally, what I do is run a dishwasher cleaner through my unit, which is a stainless steel KitchenAid about once a month. That really does help the unit stay clean. If you want, you can also use a cup of vinegar in the unit. Put a measuring cup full of one cup of vinegar on the top rack, and let it face up. Run the dishwasher. That will also help to clean out all the hard water deposits.

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