by Sharon
(Vandalia OH)

There are two irritating and frustrating things about this Maytag that make me HATE IT!!!! HATE IT!!!!

FIRST, I should have listened to the NOT UNCOMMON problem of it not drying the dishes. Anything (like glasses) that have a flat top has pools of water (EVEN DRYING WITH HEAT and LETTING THINGS SIT OVERNIGHT). My Sears Kenmore dried the dishes

SECOND: If you’ve ever had adjustable tines, you will be irritated every time you try to make some odd piece fit!!! Glasses fall over if you try to put them over a tine. Why? It SLOPES and the glasses fall over. So you have to put them in one of the TOO-WIDE rows. I just tried to load the dishwasher again and AGAIN (EVERY TIME I USE IT) got mad that I didn’t get the adjustable tines which Maytag don’t offer. My Sears Kenmore had adjustable tines.

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