by C Muldoon

Disappointed. I will state, for the record, that it cleaned dishes very well for about three years. However, the display on top quit working after less than a year, and the clips and keepers all began to go after that. The rinse aid dispenser fell apart after three years, and the seals where the spray arm tubes get their water from leak at first and then fail altogether.... right about the time that the door latch breaks.

I think the design is flawed from the get-go---great ideas with poor execution. Now, the control unit and pump motor has fried, and replacement is necessary.

Previously, I had a Maytag dishwasher that I bought used and got 15 more years of good service out of. I was trying to reduplicate that success, but after a $900 investment and throwing at least $300 in parts over five years, I really expected better than what I got.

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