Miele Dishwasher Reviews - G4570SCVI Narrow 18 inch

Looking for Miele dishwasher reviews? Our review of model G4570SCVI covers all the bases the features of this fully integrated appliance.

This Miele G4570SCVI is a fully integrated dishwasher that boasts a low operating noise level and solid German engineered parts. With a three star water and energy efficiency rating this dishwasher comes across as a safe buy but I’ve gone over the specs to ensure it really is a solid pick.

The 20 Year Dishwasher

According to Miele, the G4570SCVI has been tested as being able to withstand the equivalent of 20 years of use.

The machine has stainless steel door edge controls, an excellent safety system and it equipped with an active dryer.

The drying mechanism is an eco-friendly heating pump that allows for all round efficiency.

Miele Dishwasher Reviews - Performance Ratings

Consistency and versatility are the cornerstones of this machine’s success.

It has six wash programs; including a quick wash, an energy saving wash and a high temperature wash for removing grease and grime from pots and pans. A full wash runs for about 172 minutes while the quick wash runs just over 30 minutes. 

There is also a rinse and hold option which gives items that do not need much cleaning, a light rinse.

The Miele G4570SCVI also has sensors that can detect light soiling and make temperature and water adjustments accordingly.

The active drying function makes it a great option for people who want to save time and be able to get their dishes out of the dishwasher completely dry and ready to shelve.

Other features of the G4570SCVI includes a turbo function and glass care capability so you can wash fragile wine glasses and porcelain items with peace of mind.

The safety features of this Miele add to its durability. These include a waterproof system, LED indicator lights that track wash time as well as indicators for the water and drainage openings.

Sleek Outlook

Performance and durability aside, the Miele G4570SCVI is designed to maximise your dishwashing options. Design features include:

  • An adjustable upper basket 
  • Removable cup racks 
  • Cutlery tray 
  • 10 place setting capacity
  • Ergonomic control panel

The compact and streamlined build of this narrow 18 inch (45cm) dishwasher makes it a good choice for small kitchens and apartments.

Miele Dishwasher Reviews - The Assessment:

In making an assessment on a product I usually take factors like the performance, design, user-friendliness as well as any feedback or reviews from actual users. 

While I have not been able to find any specific feedback on this product, it does possess some of the features that were lauded by users of other Miele dishwasher models. Some of these features include the use of sensor to monitor and adjust water and temperature levels, customer service and after care support as well as the versatility of having multiple wash programs.

I also believe that the option of a two year extended warranty is also a big pull factor as most brands offer only a one year warranty.

The Overall Grade

Overall I would say that the Miele G4570SCVI is a pretty good buy if you are looking for something for a small kitchen. It is pretty versatile in terms of the multiple wash cycles and the ability to adjust the racks. It is not as energy efficient as some of the other models but this might be on account of the active drying feature. It is a good buy from a brand that is known for its quality products and excellent customer service.

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