Miele Dishwasher Reviews - G5575SCVI Dimension Series

Looking for Miele dishwasher reviews of model G5575SCVI?  Our review summarizes key features and customer feedback for this Miele kitchen appliance in the Dimension series.

Miele is known for producing top quality dishwashers that optimise design and technology. This Miele G5575SCVI model is Energy Star rated and features Double Waterproof anti leak system and it is sensitive enough to wash fragile glassware items with care. It is a fully integrated, full-sized model that features a custom panel and handle. We’ve looked into the specs to give you the lowdown on this dishwasher.

** This model is now discontinued on the Miele site

but is still available from online retailers.

Quiet and Convenient

The Miele G5575SCVI is known for being a pretty quiet machine that features the latest in sensor technology allowing it to operate almost independently. 

This dishwasher features six wash programs; normal, express, saniwash, crystal & china, pots & pans and a rinse & hold program.

The saniwash is great for disinfecting plates while the pots & pans program is tailor made for cleaning up after cooking and it is able to get grime and tough stains off.

The machine also has a turbo mode that reduces the duration of the program by 30% without compromising on performance.

This model also has:

  • AutoSensor adjusts the water consumption, temperature and the duration of each cycle according to how dirty the plates in each load are.
  • SensorDry reads the room temperature and humidity levels and adjusts settings accordingly to ensure optimal result
  • CleanAir drying system that circulates air in the exterior cavity of the dishwasher to speed up the drying process without exposing the inside of the dishwasher to the external air.
  • Water softening system that gets rid of water spots.

Design and Configuration

The interior of the Miele G5575SCVI can be adapted to meet your washing needs. The basket is equipped with FlexiCare Premium which includes wine glass holders, an adjustable cup rack for large glasses and a 3D cutlery tray that can accommodate large utensils. 

The racks can be adjusted to accommodate bigger plates and tall stemware.

Fully sized at 24 inches, it has a stainless steel interior that does not discolour and Comfort Close technology that allows you to open and close the door with ease and also lets the door stay open at any position.

The controls are hidden along the edge of the door and give it that sleek finish.

Miele Dishwasher Reviews - Word on the Street:

We checked out the feedback and reviews left by users and the general sentiment is that the machine meets performance expectations and is energy efficient.

There is also a lot of great feedback on Miele’s excellent customer service.

  • Hoosier from Indiana says that the adjustable racks make it easy to accommodate unusual items and finds it performs well on delicate items and it easy to load.
  • Esy from Myrtle Beach notes that while the machine is very quiet, it does not always dry efficiently.

The Final Assessment

This Miele G5575SCVI scores top marks for versatility and flexibility, making it a convenient and efficient purchase. It is a pricey product but it can be considered very cost effective when you take into account its many features and energy saving capabilities.

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