Miele Dishwasher Reviews - G5915SCISS Futura Diamond Series

Looking for Miele dishwasher reviews of model G5915SCISS?  Our detailed review covers all features and summarizes user feedback of this Miele kitchen appliance in the Futura Diamond series.

This dishwasher is part of a line of intelligent dishwashers designed to meet lifestyle needs.  The Miele brand is known for its excellent engineering and quality design and this machine like most others from the brand, is backed by a 5 year warranty.

We’ve done a little digging into the Miele G5915SCISS to help you determine if this dishwasher is really as smart as they say it is.

The Diamond Dishwasher

The G5915SCISS is a built-in dishwasher that comes with the latest in sensor technology and is intelligent enough to automatically adjust water temperature, the wash cycle and the amount of water required, to the level of soiling on the plates and cutlery. It also features a Sensor Dry that measures room temperature and humidity levels to determine which program will clean and dry plates quickly.

It is also pretty flexible in that it features adjustable racks and add-ons like a wine glass holder and 3D cutlery tray.

Miele Dishwasher Reviews - Just How Well Does it Work?

In terms of performance, the Miele G5915SCISS has 6 wash cycles and custom programs notably including a china & crystal option that cleans these fragile items at a suitable temperature and water pressure.

There is also a rinse only option for when thorough washing is not needed and a turbo and intensive mode for heavily soiled items. There is even a special cleaning function for dishes ridden with cheese, starch or dried-on food particles. These options make it a pretty convenient machine for the modern household.

Miele G5915SCISS Features

  • 24 hour delay start option
  • Leak protection system that shuts off water supply to the machine in the event of a leak or blockage
  • Sanitising option
  • Extra quiet wash that can be run at night without having to worry about the noise 
  • CleanAir drying system that draws in room temperature air and circulates it in the exterior cavity of the dishwasher to allow the plates in the dishwasher to dry more quickly and effectively.

Designed For Convenience

The Miele G5915SCISS has a number of features that boost convenience for instance Comfort Close technology allows the door to remain open at any position and an auto close feature seals the door shut. There is also an automatic release that opens the door slightly at the end of a cycle to allow air to circulate and dry even plastic items. The machine has a LED display screen that displays information on the wash cycle and time remaining.

The machine’s ability to adapt extends to the interior racks; the 3D cutlery tray holds spoons, forks and knives separately, for better cleaning.

Miele Dishwasher Reviews and Feedback from Real Users:

Feedback from users suggests that you need to experiment a little with the settings in order to get the best results for your dishes.

  1. B Rector finds it to be a top quality product and he says that he even managed to install it himself.
  1. Ruby from Washington State says that she was particularly impressed with Miele’s customer support who were able to resolve her problems with ease.
  1. Donna from Illinois finds it easy to load and energy efficient with her favourite feature being the lights on the machine.
  1. Rob from Miami Beach appreciates how well the machine cleans his dishes but has some reservations about the lengthy wash cycles.

The Smart & Safe Choice

The Miele G5915SCISS dishwasher seems to be a pretty smart machine; its sensors and intelligent technology make it a great complement to your kitchen.

The biggest perk of purchasing a Miele machine is warranty; apart from the 5 year warranty Miele offers an extended and complementary 5 years to purchasers of the Futura Diamond series of dishwashers.

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