Miele G1181 SCVi Inspira Fully-Integrated

White, 12 Place Setting, 6 Wash Programs, 5 Wash Temperatures

White, 12 Place Setting, 6 Wash Programs, 5 Wash Temperatures

Many dishwashers from Miele are equipped with a bevy of the most useful programs and features to make sure that each user is given the best in durability and design flexibility. The G1181 SCVi is no exception. Its and height-adjustable feet allows for it to be easily placed anywhere in the kitchen. So whether you?re going to put it on high toe kick cabinetry, countertops that are low, or other non-standard placements, you shouldn?t have a hard time installing this dishwasher.

Interior Features
  • This fullsize dishwasher offers up to 6 wash programs designed for different types of dishware. The user can also choose from 5 wash temperatures and customize the wash settings to make sure that the dishware will be rid of dirt and germs.
  • This unit has a large capacity of 12 place setting. Large plates of up to 12 1/4" and other tall dishware can also be fitted inside the unit. Not only is this dishwasher ADA-compliant, but it is also height-adjustable. This makes access to dishware easy, especially when loading.
  • It is equipped with the CleanAir drying system to make sure that pots, pans, and other dishware come out not only clean but dry enough to be placed back in the cabinet. Energy consumption is estimated at 289 kWh per year, ensuring energy efficiency despite the bevy of features.
  • It comes with a double waterproof system. Service for repairs is also made easier and more convenient because of the machine's PC Update function.

    Exterior Features

  • The ComfortClose feature of the Miele premium door makes operating this machine that easy.
    The door panels are optional , so you can customize the design to fit the entire design aesthetic of the entire kitchen. The handles for this model can also be customized. Several handles are available.
  • The white color of this dishwasher gives it a clean and classic look. It easily blends well with any kitchen decor or design. The concealed control panel also adds a touch of elegance, along with the intake/drain fault indicator, rinse aid refill indicator, and acoustic function monitor.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 23.62 inches
    Height: 31.89 inches
    Depth: 22.44 inches
    Total capacity: 12 place setting


    The PC Update function is a technological marvel. All updates on current technologies found in the washer can now be inputted in the machine in a flash. The concealed control panel makes the machine look very sleek without those protruding (not to mention, intimidating) buttons. The 6 wash programs and 5 wash temperatures make sure that whatever you?re washing, there is a rightful program and temperature that will not bring damage to your dinner ware. The CleanAir drying system makes sure that the air used to dry washed items will not add bacteria to them. So convenient to use, it is even compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


    The price tag of this dishwasher model is still considered a bit steep for practical shoppers.


  • 12 place setting capacity
  • can accommodate plates up to 12 1/4"
  • has intake/drain fault indicator
  • has rinse aid refill indicator
  • has acoustic function monitor
  • double waterproof system
  • packed with special features
  • separate cutlery tray
  • quiet operation
  • exterior can be custom designed
  • built-in water softener
  • resource-efficient


  • unit price one of the highest among dishwashers
  • overly sophisticated features

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