Miele G1202SCi Touchtronic Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

10-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

10-Place Setting, Energy Star, 6 Wash Programs

While other dishwashers of Miele choose to look more nostalgic with a vintage look, the Miele G1202 SCi looks very sleek and modern in every way. The modern-looking controls are on the top portion of the machine for everyone to see (and use, of course), with LCD screen in tow. This dishwasher does not only look sleek and modern, it also has the advanced features to back up its futuristic look. Moreover, with its advanced features that also spell efficiency with energy and water, it is definitely one dishwashing unit to consider. You don?t need to be disturbed while this machine is operating, as this is one of the more quiet ones.

Interior Features
  • With the G1202 SCi's interior basket, it features the Miele patented invention, the cutlery tray. Having a tray where you can specifically place cutlery to be washed has a whole lot of benefits. Since the cutlery would be separated with the other items, these items would be safe from being scratched. A dedicated cutlery tray means all cutlery will be conveniently and hygienically cleaned, with all dirt in them thoroughly removed.
  • The dishwasher model has a capacity of 10-place setting and has advanced basket configuration. The 6 wash programs include China & Crystal, Pots & Pans, Normal, Express, Rinse & Hold, and SaniWash. Users also get up to 4 wash temperatures to choose from.
  • It is equipped with the CleanAir drying system to ensure germ-free results, and with its ultra quiet acoustic rating, users will benefit from its quiet operation.
  • Among the convenience features of this dishwasher are the countdown timer and delay start option, door lock for child safety. Energy Star-qualified, energy consumption is estimated at 285 kWh per year.

    Exterior Features

  • This dishwasher model is loaded with exterior features that do not only equate to style, but also functionality and convenience to the user. The control panel has been designed in a straight, streamlined way that you won?t have a difficult time using it. All the controls are conveniently located there.
  • The Touchtronic controls are patented to make pressing the buttons easy without any mess. The panel is made in Clean Touch Steel, making it look very classy and sleek. There are also indicators to ensure proper use of the washer such as an intake/drain fault indicator and a rinse aid refill indicator
  • The dishwasher?s door panels can be custom?made so that its design will blend with the rest of the kitchen?s design. For safety purposes, there is a child safety lock for the unit to be used safely without the fear of any children getting injured while it is in use.

    Dimension Specifications

    Width: 17.6 inches
    Height: 31.8 inches
    Depth: 22.7 inches
    Total capacity: 10-place setting


    The dishwasher has a PC Update function where updates to the current controls may be plugged into the machine once they become available. No need to buy a new machine should you want to take advantage of more advanced features. With 6 wash programs including China and Crystal, you can be sure that all types of dining ware can be handled and cleaned in the proper manner by this crafty machine. The 24-hour delay start/countdown feature allows this dishwasher to start functioning without any human supervision automatically for convenience. The detergent options allows for the right amount and kind of detergent to be used in the items to be cleaned. It operates without causing a ruckus, thanks to its ultra quiet acoustic rating. As it is Energy Star-qualified, you can be sure that you can save on energy and water, which ultimately spells savings in time and money as well.


    The price tag of this dishwasher model may be a bit too much for budget-conscious shoppers.


  • packed with useful features
  • separate cutlery tray
  • quiet operation
  • exterior can be custom designed
  • energy- and water-efficient


  • unit price higher than other units

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